A Most Powerful Quantum Healing Modality

During the past few years I’ve been exploring the sonic healing modality of Biofield Tuning, which uses tuning forks to defragment the human magnetic field, and with my studies in quantum physics I knew I was on to something massively important. Using this modality for several years I’ve had success breaking old patterns, learning to think differently and healing old psychic and physical wounds.

I’ve also experienced the power of Reiki and have achieved Reiki level 1, but I’m always looking for something that allows for healing on a greater, faster, and more global scale. Recently, I reached a crisis point in my life and crossed paths with an acquaintance, Marc Switko, who is a therapist and also a gong master. We scheduled a session which – in my mind – was to help me get through this particular crisis, but what happened was unexpectedly more.

The first half of the first session was talk, folowed by a personal gong session. I had experienced group gong sessions before and found them to be relaxing, and that’s was what I expected. Instead I was taken on an astounding journey which helped to release massive amounts of blocked energy.

This first session affected primarily my lower chakras. My body twitched and jerked and arched, and several times I found myself almost hyperventilating. At other times, I engaged in deep breath work. I had witnessed other quantum healing modalities produce similar reactions so I was not at all disturbed. By the end of the session, every cell in my body was fully activated and I emerged in a state of euphoria.

The feeling of the gong was like a river of energy flowing through me.

In the month prior to this session, I had begun to experience my first-ever attack of eczema on my face. Within hours of the session, the eczema had vanished.

That euphoria stayed with me all week. In the 2nd session a week later, there was less talk and more gong. Again, massive releases of energy mostly in my root, solar plexus and heart chakras. I experienced the same reactions, as well as the euphoria which stayed with me all week. The euphoria by its very nature, helped tremendously to get through the crisis. But the gong was healing more than the problems of the current crisis – it was healing very old and embedded trauma.

After this session, in my daily stretching I was able to crack my lower back for the first time – which has allowed for deeper and more intense hip work than ever before.

These sessions were perhaps too effective; I began to experience what I call a lower chakra prolapse which means that the energy was flowing unrestrained; I had to recognize the problem and then go through the process of containing that energy through visualization and grounding.

In the third session I asked for healing for my head. I’ve had a few minor head injuries, and in past Reiki sessions I’ve been told that the energy is too strong and couldn’t be worked with – even with two people working on me at once. In this session, I felt a massive release of energy in my head, the energy had definitely moved. Before the gong session I would experience inability to hold focus, and that changed quite dramatically after the session. In the fourth session we worked on the head again, and I felt almost a looseness, or lightness, which is the opposite of what I’ve felt for years.

Why is it that the gong is capable of such incredible healing? The way I understand it, it is adaptogenic – meaning that the vibrations go in to your body and recognize what’s out of balance, and work to normalize it. The gong includes a large portion of the frequency spectrum, and since at the quantum level everything is vibration in the form of sound or light, it is healing the body at that quantum, sub-atomic, frequency level.

I am grateful beyond words for the healing I have received! I see myself becoming a gong master, adding to my growing list of quantum healing modalities. But for now, you can find Marc at @MarcSwitko on FB to book a private or group session if you’re in NYC or the Catskills.