Each Human Life is a Spiral

With every evolution, greater understanding
With every evolution, mistakes & successes
With every evolution, expanded awareness

Each Soul Spiral
is a Fractal of Divine Consciousness….

Exploring new ways to know and understand the infinite possibilities of life

Each choice we make in our lives leads us on a path either away from, or toward, Divine Unity. When we are moving away, our life is difficult, lonely, full of the lower frequency emotions: anger, lust, greed, jealousy, frustration, illness etc. When we are moving toward, we experience serendipity, coincidence and higher frequency emotions: love, joy, community and health.

Once we have awakened our consciousness, we begin to understand that negative experiences are quite literally invitations to turn toward the positive… toward Divine Love. And once we have engaged with Divine Love, we are able to see the breadcrumbs that lead us toward greater joy & success in whatever direction our passion and purpose leads us.

Once you have achieved a certain level of consciousness, this path becomes crystal clear.

Yogananda says, “the purpose of life is to reunite with God” in whatever way your path leads you. Kriya Yoga, a most ancient practice, is a shortcut to that reunification, possible in a few short years with accelerated practice.

I highly recommend his Autobiography of a Yogi which is a most profound portrait of how and why Kriya Yoga exists and matters to the fate of humanity. We are fast approaching the time when souls will be sorted… and the only thing that counts is your personal frequency; the strength of your connection with the Divine.