Over the next six months I’ll be posting writings, teachings, resources and videos as I build the Quantum Evolution: Transcend the Game Online Course. In this introductory period, I am offering a pay-what-you-can opportunity for anyone who is interested in joining me on this journey!

We’ll study both the scientific & spiritual aspects of the Quantum Universe in order to understand how to harness Quantum Energy in order to transform our lives individually, and as a society.

There is no sense of conformity in this course, we’re charting our own waters – allowing for the magic of Divine Inspiration. Go at your own pace and contribute when, what and how you desire! Finding and developing your unique expression is our primary goal…..

Electricmeg does not claim to be an expert and does not claim to heal any malady. However, in this course she is presenting information that may enable YOU to use your own powers to heal and transform into the Divine Being you were born to be.