In my one-woman show, The Language of Water, I perform a water-structuring demonstration in the midst of presenting a talk on the many mind-blowing discoveries of water in the past few decades.

Once people learn that water is not just a clear liquid, but it has MANY states which have MANY different properties, including the ability to heal, there is tremendous interest in how to structure water. I found it cannot be done with words alone! So, I created a how-to video:

Water structuring is just ONE of the golden nuggets from The Language of Water! It’s filled to the brim (so to speak!) with life- and consciousness- altering information.

If you are interested in hosting a live performance or a sharing of the soon-to-be-released movie with your friends or family, please contact me. I’m looking to share this vital information with as many people as possible!

In Unity and Coherence …. Electricmeg