There’s a powerful new docu-series out called Time of the Sixth Sun, which explores Indigenous Wisdom from around the world – ancient knowledge that has the potential to lead us out of the mess our world is in right now.

It has been inspiring to watch this series, which explores so much of the information I have been seeking out on my own these past few decades. Perhaps the most profound message I have received while watching the series, is to sink fully into heart-wisdom as opposed to intellect, ego or any other form of escapism, as our society teaches us. Watching so many of the speakers repeat this same message, really drove it home for me.

Our heart is the source of our most important knowledge.

One of the great lessons of my life is that information comes back round, over and over – sometimes until you learn it, and sometimes to deepen your comprehension of it. It’s what I call “spiral learning.” With every new rotation, there is another piece of the puzzle, another hue of meaning, another aspect of relevance that over time, reveals the ultimate truth of a matter.

We ARE creators of our reality! Unless, as is currently the case, we give that power away to others who will create it for us. It is urgently time to take back our power by recognizing & boycotting the entities that decided a long time ago to create a very bleak reality for us through the manipulative control of media, money, education, healthcare & politics.

STOP consuming media
STOP consuming non-nutritious food (consume less!)
STOP obsessing about your looks
STOP giving your health freedom away
STOP blaming others

START volunteering
START getting to know yourself
START learning about food & healing
START becoming the change you wish to see
START living in gratitude

If you think you might be living & acting out of trauma, which is the primary cause of depression, addiction & PTSD, there are fantastic resources to help with the transition back to normal. I highly recommend the work of Thomas Huebl.

In Unity, in Love, in Appreciation –