Last night, I watched a very good movie about Mary Magdalene and the way in which the movie portrayed Christ was deeply moving. He was a man who was given such an incredible gift, and it was his job to bear that gift in a society that could not even begin to recognize its value. It was up to the apostles to be able to translate that gift to the people.

Mary, on her journey with Christ, learned that the most valuable traits to help her do her job were Humility, Generosity, Mercy, and Unconditional Love. Christ and the apostles faced extreme backlash for their beliefs from family, friends and everyone else – and yet they persevered, knowing and spreading the Truth.

My life journey has similarities, as I have pursued a particular Truth. On this journey, I have made many Mistakes (with a capital M) and paid dearly for them. And yet, without those Mistakes, I would be a much lesser person at this point in time.

When I worked on Wall St, and most especially Goldman Sachs, I learned that our economy is fueled by Debt and Trauma, and when I left Wall St for good in 1996 I found that I could no longer engage with the economy in any meaningful way – as I could not in good consciousness, contribute to the suffering of humanity.

Until 2008 I held a few jobs in the Matrix Economy, but for the most part I have lived at subsistence level, and yes I have raised a son at subsistence level – his father provided food and shelter, I provided love, spirit nourishment and the foundation for aspiration. Lack of wealth has never once been a detriment to his life and at age 18, he is one of the most generous, courageous and well-adjusted people I have ever known, whose greatest desire is of to be of service to humanity as much as possible.

Instead of running the Gerbil Wheel of the Debt/Trauma Matrix, I have invested my time studying the true history of the world, creating a stronger Divine connection, healing my traumas and dissolving my ego – which to me, is the most valuable work possible. “Normies” (as we Awakened people refer to people who are still In the Matrix) can not even begin to recognize the value in this work, even though it is well known that Christ placed no value whatsoever in wealth.

All life is the result of a series of choices, and the longer I live, the more I respect my choices – present and past.
There are no mistakes.

Every interactions with Normies is a lesson in Christ Consciousness – leading me to act from humility, generosity, mercy and unconditional love, for which I am deeply grateful. Patience and Non-Reaction have been the most important lessons for me in these past few years.

We will soon be arriving at a time when the whole world will know the horrors of the false economy, and in the tragedy of this revelation, Unity will be our only option. Forgiveness will be the primary force, followed very closely by Humility, Generosity, Mercy and Unconditional Love, as we all become One with Christ Consciousness.

The Truth will soon be impossible to deny:
The Kingdom of God lies in our HEART!!
Love is Always the Answer!!!