When you cup your hand, as if to drink from a stream, there is enough energy in the air of that space to power your entire life. Yet, you cannot see it, you cannot feel it, and you have never been taught about it. It’s information that you must search out yourself.

Nikola Tesla knew how to harness all different kinds of free / infinite / zero point energy, but he (and many other visionaries) was vilified for attempting to empower humanity with his findings. Since it can’t be metered, thus it can’t be monetized – wired, petroleum-based energy became our reality.

This is just one example of the things that we cannot see, and do not know, that are of the most vital importance. For isn’t it true that if we had adopted Tesla energy a century ago, there never would have been a need for mined energy ? Yes, indeed it is true.

And for some, it HAS been true.

There is another element to the unseen world – that which is intentionally hidden. Deep in the core of the Earth exists a whole other civilization powered by Quantum/Free/Infinite Energy. You can get from NY to London in an hour on the Monorail (magnets).

The fact that this subterranean human civilization has existed and thrived beyond our wildest imagination is crucial to our comprehension of the present and the future (the past is non-vital at this point). When one group of humanity is able to use this futuristic, Star-Trek-like energy, while the other is chained to oil, gas and coal, the first group is able to progress almost infinitely. And it did.

We are all about to learn of the horrors of this other civilization, which displays perfectly the old adage, “Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely.” The level of corruption of mind, body and spirit is beyond comprehension and we on the surface of the Earth have suffered horribly for it. In fact, the subterranean civilization farmed the surface population, just as livestock are farmed.

As of 10 years ago (last time there was an accounting) 8 million children disappear every year around the world, never to be seen again. This number is so monumental that it’s difficult to fathom and sounds ludicrous, unbelievable. In actuality, the number is much greater at this point in time. This number only represents children, not adults (the most often cited number I have seen is about 20 million people a year that go missing). Some people in the poorest countries intentionally impoverished, and are forced to sell their children, sometimes for a few days’ food. In the US, for the most part children are accessed through the orphanage system, but there are plenty of abductions as well. And some people, like Oprahs’ mentor John of God, engaged in baby farming – where the children were never given any certification, and so could never be accounted for.

Those of us who do our own research in order to be well-informed, instead of relying on Pharmaceutical Industry-sponsored news, are well aware of this unseen assault on humanity. We are aware of the many reasons for this farming and it is not for the faint of heart.

I have no interest to go into detail about these horrors in this blog post. I live in a town where child trafficking is the #1 activity, according to the Chief of Police, even though gangs and drugs are rampant. It is a town where sex offenders are invited to come and live once they’ve been released from jail, and I thank GOD every day that my son has been spared.

Humanity will be forced to wake up from its consumerism-driven slumber soon, and face the many Unseen Horrors that have been operating just beyond the TeLieVision. Those of us who have healed our traumas and pursued the vision to self-educate – we have already dealt with the trauma of this other reality, are we are here to help you as you are forced to confront it.

One of the platforms that extends an invitation to assist in your Awakening, is Waychi.org, of which I am a founding member. Waychi is a collective of Awakened souls who desire to lend a helping hand as people choose to exit the Trauma Matrix and engage Consciousness.

I invite you to join us there!