In global society, women have been second-hand citizens, if not slaves. Our work has never been valued, whether it’s raising children, pulling in an income, or healing the community – instead we have been vilified, abused, objectified and disregarded

There are many good men out there who truly protect, defend and support the women in their lives, but it’s not my experience, and it’s not the experience of most women I know.

I’m hearing a lot these days about a return to traditional gender roles, and I find it deeply disturbing. I am not a woke liberal, instead I draw from my study of history and my own experience to come to the conclusion that we can not trust in men to be honorable, and we can NEVER AGAIN relegate women to the back burner.

I’ve visited a few matriarchal societies around the world and I find that they are not emasculating; conversely, the men are excellent providers and the women are raised to be empowered, and are the holders of the purse. Their role as mothers and healers is revered and they are free to make decisions for themselves and their families. Men must consult with them for any major decisions. I wonder why it is called matriarchal, in fact, when it’s much more about mutual respect.

Why can’t that be our goal? A society of mutual respect? Men go out and do men things, women go out and do women things, families go out and do family things; we come together to raise our families and be good citizens, but one gender NEVER has power over the other.

A mother (or any woman) should never be in a relationship with a man, simply because she cannot afford to support herself and her children, this is archaic. Instead of disempowering young girls and teaching the Prince Charming lie, girls should be supported as much as boys are to find their passion and purpose and engage it so that they learn for themselves what their value is. In addition, boys need to be taught to respect their female counterparts as they grow into manhood – and we all need to grow out of the idea that sex is Love; instead, realizing that Love is how we treat each other.

This education is, in my opinion, the most important change that needs to be made.

Too many men abandon or abuse their families, leaving women to figure it out – and the children suffer. It’s a never-ending cycle of trauma, and the same story has played out over the course of eons – disempowered women are left destitute, and forced to give their children up one way or another.

The simple truth is, shown by thousands of studies, that children who are raised in a financially secure family that has two loving parents, do so much better as adults than children who are in the trauma cycle, so this SHOULD be the ideal. I am not against it! But the woman / mother / wife MUST be valued, respected and honored for the incredibly important role she plays in shaping the next generation. The husband should be defined as being in a supporting role to HER. In fact, the word HUSBAND needs to be ditched, as it literally means that he owns and controls his wife as his chattel.

From my perspective, we are just about to land in a new economic cycle that will support the elevation of natural-born, child-bearing women into their rightful place as the Heart and Soul of the family, community and society. It is painfully obvious that without this mechanism in place, society will continually fail. Men are to be valued as providers and supporters, but never again as dominators of women and children. That shit has GOT to stop.

Did you know that in Italy, they had to alter the ending to the opera, Carmen (Bizet) because too many men were inspired by it, murdering their wives out of jealousy????? The male-dominated, ego-central, testosterone-driven frenzy fed by sports, porn and crime culture would destroy all of humanity if it could.

But we won’t let it. Instead, we’ll get rid of the infections, and evolve to a more peaceful society of mutual respect where women are empowered to be the best they can be – whether that involves being a mother or not. The goal of men should be to support us, acknowledging that as mothers, healers and wives we are the source of Love and Spirit in the family, community and society.

Then, wo/mankind can truly evolve and ascend into higher dimensions.