In ancient India (and even not-so-ancient India) many Hindus practiced and became masters of their superpowers – for example levitation, or bi-location, or telepathy, or predicting the future etc. Many books have been written, documenting these extraordinary feats that are achieved using the super-conscious mind. My favorite of these is Autiobiography of a Yogi, by Paramahamsa Yogananda.

Modern Western society has been working at separating us from these superpowers, forever, by telling us that we are separate from Source, and that we are reliant on a governing body for our welfare.

Our media is at this point so heinously corrupt, they have figured out how to hypnotize people to think and act a certain way. Including, it seems, trigger-words and images that cause their own psychic and physical enslavement, so for many people – the false reality remains the only possibility.

From a quantum mindset, there are infinite possible futures, at any given moment. If we rip ourselves away from the hypnosis of the media by turning off the TV, computer, print, and engaging our gut instincts, and carefully guide ourselves through the alternative media — then we begin to sense a very different reality. So different it is hard to believe, in fact.

What they offer us is a mind-controlled life of “virtual” reality, a combination of Ready Player One and the Matrix and Mockinjay….

But what we already have – ready and waiting – is an immediately future of quantum energy, healthcare, food production in Absolute Abundance.

And with this instant elevation in our quality of life, comes the ability to reconnect with our own quantum self, which includes access to these super powers. We will be able to have telepathic conversations, and bi-locate, and gain extraordinary strength of body and mind etc.

Many people are already “manifesting” which involves elevating your personal frequency to that which you desire. The process of getting to this point, requires that you engaging in dissolving your energy blocks – and that is the work!

When you take the responsibility to heal yourself then you begin to have access to your unique super-powers, which are always revealed at the right time.

Learning to trust yourself, and the process, is the hardest part.

What used to be lifetimes of work is now drastically condensed for those who truly desire to resolve karma and use this time to merge with higher frequencies.