At this very moment in time, each one of us has a unique & powerful opportunity to ascend to the very best version of our human capabilities.

Astrologically, these extremely rare energies are urging us to commune with the Divinity that exists within us and connect with All That Is…. Reach for the Stars, Go for the Gold, Love with Abandon, Open our Hearts to the Magnificent Energies that are pouring in.

On this Journey of Consciousness, which is the journey of Finding, Knowing & Activating the Divine Within, we go through a spiral of experience.

Time expands the experience that solidifies knowledge.

For example, at some point we realize that when we react in anger, the karma of that negative energy will boomerang and come right back to us, causing harm. And so we make the effort to mitigate our reactions, to evolve the reactive process to be more loving and accepting, so that we avoid the boomerang karma. Eventually, we master our reactions and exit that particular karmic cycle.

In general, it’s baby steps that matter. But right now, I urge you to take dramatic, bold, visionary movements toward your goals, until 9/9 when Mercury goes retrograde. It is one of the most extraordinary opportunities of our lifetime!

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Hoping you are WELL and THRIVING in these chaotic but transformative times!

Sending Waves of Love to YOU.
Be At Peace.