It’s raining outside, grey and desolate. The full pregnant moon graced the sky the past few nights, radiating her warm hues through skeleton treetops. Today, the almost-reddish tinge of emerging maple flowers makes you look twice; it’s the possibility of life at the very tips of the fractalized tree limbs, shooting endlessly up into dreary grey sky. There is just a hint of color… of life… of transcendence….

Astrologically, it is a most significant time. I believe world events reflect that truth. My life’s path has me split in the middle of two alternating frequencies: tempted by the fear of what is happening physically to humanity – but more aligned with the frequency of the Ascension.

I’ve been able to rise out of fear and other lower vibrations – the 7 deadly sins of lust, greed, avarice, sloth, jealousy etc. into a mindset of gratitude, community, creativity – guided by my study of quantum consciousness, and the gradual awareness of my quantum powers. Once you unlock your root chakra, and the Kundalini energy begins to flow, you then have access to other senses beyond the 5 – however, you need to learn how to recognize what your unique extra-sensory powers are, and of course how/when to use them. This is a part of my emerging service, called Return to Flow.

Wands are unnecessary. A friend of mine is divining with a pendulum with exceptional success; she has taught me much about accessing extra-sensory intelligence. I will be taking a course on the Emotion Code next month to become certified in this most quantum of healing modalities. The power of our minds combined with the power of our hearts and intentions – our focus – is extremely potent. Individually, we have exceptional abilities to change our lives, and as groups and as a species we have unbelievable opportunity to unify in one thought – and change everything.

That is why I continue following the “physical” battle against the implementation of the NWO/Agenda 21 assault on life, which effectively seeks to END quantum consciousness (which is, emphatically, one’s connection with the Divine).

Divine Consciousness has one very persistent and meaningful practice which helps me through my own inner battle – and that is, to Be In The Moment. Not planning, not striving, not stressing… just being. “I Am” is all that is needed, in this moment, at this point in time.

“Aum” / “Om” is the primordeal sound of the universe. When you chant it, you are adding your presence to the universal chorus. In my experience, this activates your presence with the Divine.

Enjoy the MOMENT.

Accept it for whatever it is.

Be one with its energy.

Therein lies peace.