We’re about to enter a very chaotic time when it becomes difficult to discern which way is up and who to trust. Remember that you have the potential to connect with Divine energy to help you figure it all out.

I wrote the poem for The Right Time in 1989 as a gift for a friend who was making a dramatic, bold and inspiring change in her life… but it applies to every one of us, at all times.

Watch the video: https://youtu.be/0TE1kd4FOCY

The Right Time is one of the very first songs I wrote, in the late 1980s. My fabulous worldbeat band Le Collage recorded it, and I love that version! A few years later I produced this alternate version and it captures the essence of possibility when you’re living the essence of a creative life.

Peace, Inspiration, Beauty, Connection


Mem Nahadr, voice
Dominic James, guitar
Thierno Camara, bass
Karim Alaoui, qraqb
Mamadou Diabate, kora
electricmeg, trumpet

Worldly Vibe Studios 1998 NYC LES
Video: Lake Erie 2022

Composed & Produced by Meg Montgomery All Rights Reserved Worldwide