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As a gentle rain falls through the reds, yellows and greens of the autumnal trees, I sit back for a moment to fully appreciate this amazing time we’re living through.

With the NY Supreme Court yesterday ruling against Covid mandates by reinstating unvaxxed employees and ordering backpay, this paves the way for (inter?) national lawsuits! The tide has turned against the CDC even in the Bluest of states. What a magnificent portent for the impending elections!!!!

In conjunction with the recent revelations of Kanye “Ye” West – who apparently never drank the Cabal Kool-Aid (I’m still having a difficult time believing it), the red-pilling at the moment is BOMBASTIC!

We seem to be on the verge of tumultuous change, and from what I hear every day now will be like an earthquake of the spirit with new disclosures from both sides, as the battle heats up to its final climax. I’m preparing for different potential outcomes but I’m not stressing. I am praying, meditating, practicing more yoga, engaging more fully in being-of-service. I’m spending a lot of time doing what I love to do – photography, writing, cooking. Spending time with loved ones.

It’s a magical time for me; this pause before we cross the threshold into the Next Era.

Before the Redemption.

What will life be like AFTER the Redemption?

We can only speculate, but if the information I pay attention to is any measure, then it will be stupendously fantastic for everyone and everything. There is the possibility of a world without trauma! Without a deranged core of evildoers! What happens when Love is the fundamental of a society????

Most important thing right now is to make sure you’re still here after the dust has settled.

If you find yourself suddenly having health problems after the jab, learn how to Detox with the World Council for Health. Dr. Zelenko’s immune boosting protocols are great for everyone. I am a proud affiliate of his products.

Otherwise, how you survive is unique to you, and to your experience. I urge you to act from a place of Love in all possible situations.

I wish you well!