I have the opportunity to walk like a ghost inside the Normie population and 2 years on, they’re just now beginning to wonder why they get Covid SO often, even when they don’t have symptoms, and why healthy are people dying and getting these bizarre auto-immune conditions. I can’t say a word; in the minds of these people my experience is of no value!! (I take no offense, instead I have compassion.) Meanwhile, everyone I pay attention to has been screaming from the rooftops on these issues for the past 18 months.

My response is a kind of philosophical dance, as I work at distilling the truth of the matter – Covid 19 is the name of the Psy-Op. (Sars-Cov-2 is the name of the so-called virus.) The goal of the Psy-Op was the implementation of the so-called vaccines, of which the ultimate goals are Transhumanism and mass genocide as per the Georgia Guidestones Commandment (of 500 Million Humans at all times living in balance with Nature). This information has been freely available on the @media since Day 1 to anyone who dared question the Narrative.

It’s easy to speak from hindsight, but the fact is that I have sacrificed for decades by staying out of this evil economy, in my quest to maintain integrity for my vision that A Vastly Better World Exists than the false and anti-human Agenda 21/Green New Deal Reality. My sacrifice has been rewarded in Clarity of Confidence, Connection and Comprehension of Where I Should Put My Trust and My Energy.

The Most Beautiful Future for ALL

The patents for anti-gravity were released under Trump and the first anti-gravity tech is beginning to hit the markets. This is the tip of the Quantum / Free Energy Iceberg. Once you fully comprehend the significance of Free Energy, and you realize that the Green New Deal is being perpetrated by the very same people who have kept it from us for 100 years, then you begin to comprehend the level of evil we’re dealing with, and the implications of the bigger picture.

* Some of the quantum tech about to be released will replace the entire health-care (death-care) industry.

We must come to the point of recognizing the Evil that is attempting to kill us/enslave us/transhumanize us before we can evolve beyond it.

I prefer to say, EVOLUTION NOW!!!

Once we identify Evil, it has no more power over us. It is our Collective Responsibility in this shift, at this time – to replace Evil by Good (God). The new education includes Khazarians (Cabal, Illuminati, 1%, Deep State etc) as the iconic enemy of humanity. Earth is evolving to a new era with higher frequencies, where that level of Pure Evil can no longer exist. People will either be able to incorporate these higher frequencies through improved life habits (including meditation and prayer), or not.

On the part of every person it requires a whole lotta “Letting Go” and embracing change. Learning to recognize creativity as Divine connection, and learning to shift trust in that direction alone, are other profound and empowering experiences shared by many people who are actively pursuing the Ascension path.

Love, Gratitude, Forgiveness, Compassion, Generosity, Joy, Unity ….

is how we evolve!!!