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There is now extreme clarity regarding two vital aspects of this global genocidal attempt masked as a pandemic. You will not receive this clarity through your te-lie-vision, because the purpose of television is to tell lies to your vision. This clarity is only earned through personal research on non-censored media and search platforms in alignment with the many other patriots around the world who have stepped up to save humanity.

The clarity of truth will hit the public like a supersonic bomb. There are two specific, important items that I am calling out today.

# 1 Truth Bomb:

80+ countries have been using Ivermectin to prevent and cure
the so-called virus with close to 100% efficacy…

The implications are staggeringly evil.

From the outset, Fauxi – who has ALWAYS been familiar with the qualities and uses of Ivermectin (IVM) – made it illegal as a healing modality, despite a massive public outcry by esteemed members of the global medical establishment. This monumental evidence of its efficacy proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that IVM has Always Negated the Plandemic.

Fauxi knowingly, willfully and intentionally suppressed a
known prevention/cure in order to speed up Agenda 21

The inversion, after the lies have been revealed:

  • – mandates for masks have always been illegitimate
  • – mandates for social distancing have always been illegitimate
  • – mandates for lockdowns have always been illegitimate
  • – mandates for jabs have always been illegitimate

When you look at this information in the context of the extreme lockdowns of NWO countries such as China, Australia and NZ, you MUST see Agenda 21 at play; it is the only conclusion. What are the primary goals of Agenda 21? Mass depopulation and absolute enslavement of whoever is left. In less than 2 years, the NWO has accomplished a tremendous push toward that agenda.

Fauxi, an unelected official, is the highest paid federal employee and earns tremendous profits and kickbacks from the vaccine industry. Conflict of Interest, Fraud, and Genocide are his middle names. In 2008, he co-authored a paper on how Bacterial Pneumonia as a result of mask-wearing was the primary culprit in the mass death of the 1918 flu. History will know him as Mengele10.

#2 Truth Bomb:

Israel and UK governments now reporting that
over 70% of people who die “from Covid” are fully jabbed.

Let me ask you – in your mind, what constitutes a genocide?

Dr. Zelenko has put forward the possibility that 250k Americans have already died due to the jab. Steve Kirsch, Executive Director of the COVID-19 Early Treatment Fund, is currently offering $1,000,000 to anyone who can prove in a debate that less than 100k people have passed as a direct result of the jabs (not posting link for security reasons – search on Americas Frontline Doctors dot org). According to Harvard and general consensus, the VAERS numbers are known to represent about 1% of actual numbers, and the current VAERS mortality toll is 20,000+ people (in addition to millions of adverse reactions). The guestimates are not far from the truth.

There is exceptional data – reverse engineering, before and after, microscopic photography etc – on what is exactly what is IN these jabs. There are countless testimonials of the massive blood clotting, auto immune disease and now AIDS that is presenting in people of all ages. There are massive global demonstrations, forums and collectives of people who are shouting from the rooftops that the only possible purpose of mandates, passports and lockdowns is to DESTROY HUMANITY via Agenda 21.

The evil plan is in full view for all to see –
whether you want to or not.

We must stand up in unity, NOW, to demand human freedom & sovereignty….
it is our last chance.