Sometimes my mind explodes when trying to understand how humanity continues to exist; every person lives their own version of reality and can only relate to life through that infinitesimally narrow lens unless they awaken to the greater awareness. Call it Unity Consciousness, call it Samadhi, call it Nirvana – whatever you call it, it’s a dimension that exists beyond the chaotic, insidious chatter.
Traveling to new places helps, reading helps, creativity helps, and meditation REALLY helps; otherwise, we repeat our limited experience ad nauseum, forcing our assumptions, judgments, opinions and beliefs upon others over and over and over again for absolutely no purpose; day after day, year after year, decade after decade, generation after generation…. until one day, a soul cries, “ENOUGH!” and searches for the way out.
It is to THOSE souls that the rest of my life is dedicated.
There is infinite abundance of opportunity, health, love, passion and purpose when one exits the contrived bubble of “acceptable” society, but even though one may have taken the leap of faith, it is not necessarily a simple or straightforward path. My purpose is to shine a light, helping these souls to recognize the breadcrumbs toward the simple and proven Way Forward where lack does not exist.
I will mostly be doing this work at QuantumEvolution.Life through podcasts, videos, blogs, memes and an online course. I sincerely hope you’ll join me!
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