My intellectual space is reserved for what comes AFTER this time.

There are many who think we are at the end-times for humanity, however I do not believe this attempt to destroy humanity will succeed; it is not written in the Great Year, or the Great Book. There are simply those who assumed they could destroy everything for their own purposes, but they did not take into account the ever-expanding frequency spiral of the Quantum Universe.

From my perspective, whoever survives this assault will be a part of the most amazing dream, as Evil will not be able to exist at the higher frequencies of the new part of the universe where our galaxy is headed; there will be no war! No murder! No theft! No subversion of any kind! The very concept of LACK will be a distant memory. With infinite money, replicators, medbeds and a dramatically smaller government, it will be up to each one of us to self-govern by upholding a few simple ideals, such as DO NO HARM, and LOVE THEY NEIGHBOR AS THY SELF. Basically the 10 Commandments become the law of the land.

Eventually, there will be no need for any technology whatsoever.

This requires each one of us to quickly evolve to the point of self-responsibility, in regards to education, health, governance and everything else having to to with self and community. As individuals and as a society, we will never again give our power away to any entity who can then use that power against us. It will be a dramatic, but very necessary shift and a natural part of this elevation of Consciousness; as we integrate more fully with the Divine Creator.

We are about to graduate. Earth School is almost finished. The extraordinarily difficult work of 3rd Density will be behind us. It is time now to join the celebrations of LIFE and LIBERTY and SOVEREIGNTY that are taking place all around the world, and begin learning and practicing the fundamentals of Self-Responsible Citizenship – which will never be an armchair pursuit.

Mind Healing
Reverberations of Love Out Into the World

Don’t give up NOW! This crash-landing end of 3D also serves as the MOST BEAUTIFUL BEGINNING of the DIVINE Quantum Era. You will NOT want to miss it!