I have always been ahead of the curve, and growing up as a female trumpet player I had to learn early be strong in my convictions. My grandmother held the torch for me on these fronts, and put her trust in me to carry the torch when, on the day I went to college she put a $100 in my hand and said, “My money is on YOU.”

Although I went to college fully believing I was going to become a music teacher, I learned during my time at Indiana University that the education system was a complete racket. After 4 and a half years of failed indoctrination, I lost the desire to become a teacher. Fortunately, there were nuggets of knowledge that I acquired during college which propelled me on my path of finding Truth.

I moved to NYC after college and in the first months a friend took me to one of the most amazing lectures of my life – Benoit Mandelbrot speaking on the fractality of the universe, which was a breaking concept at the time. I remember realizing that I was at a very special event of incredible significance, although I couldn’t quite comprehend the concept at the time, but it stuck in my head inspired me to follow my interest in the concepts of Divine Math and Quantum Physics, which I have studied extensively.

Over the years, as I stumbled upon the works of people like Nikola Tesla, Rudolph Steiner, Walter and Bertrand Russel, Wilhelm Reich, Royal Rife, Vicktor Schauberger and many other visionary scientists/inventors, I was made aware that the most important knowledge for humanity is not to be found anywhere in the education system…. It must be stumbled upon, as one seeks truth.

Therefore, only truth seekers will ever gain access to this knowledge.

Walter Russel, from The Universal One

The vastness of quantum knowledge reveals the undeniable truth that

by design, Western society is living a lie.

We are taught that only matter exists, despite the fact that over 100 years ago the first Quantum Physicists proved that at the Quantum (sub-atomic) level, everything is pure energy.

When we live our lives according to the disinformation that everything is matter, we are living in a confined and constricted reality. This is evidenced by the fact that we are forced to rely upon petroleum, when Tesla revealed to us 100 years ago how Etheric Energy can be used to empower humanity for free, endlessly. It is evidenced by the fact that Schauberger discovered vortex physics, which enables anti-gravity technology, and Royal Rife invented a way to heal disease with frequencies (etc etc etc – this list of suppressed technology is very long and most of these amazing people died either mysteriously, or having their life’s work confiscated and / or destroyed).

Once you begin studying Quantum Physics and Spirituality, you begin to realize the extent to which we have been lied to, and you begin to ask why we have been lied to, and who is doing the lying. Eventually, you realize that the Universe is Infinite Abundance and Opportunity. With practice and patience, you learn how to access that Infinite Abundance and transcend the fake paradigm, or Matrix of Lies.

To my great joy, more and more truth seekers in the world are stumbling upon Quantum Physics and Spirituality, and the clamor of our collective voices is beginning to be heard by the rest of the world.

I truly believe Quantum knowledge is the key to transforming our world.

The Powers That Be have been very successful at suppressing this knowledge for 100 years, but the cat is out of the bag now; people are beginning to recognize the incredible deceit, and also glimpse the magnificent reality that awaits us once we have rejected the lies, once and for all. In this awakening process, there is a massive shift happening, away from violence and ego, toward peace and unity.

Movies and other media often tell the story we need to hear. In the movie The Fifth Element, it is revealed that aside from Earth, Air, Fire and Water, Love is a fifth element that is necessary for human ascension. This is more true that you can possibly imagine! Until the vast majority of us are living and acting from a place of God-inspired love, we cannot ascend. This is the ultimate lesson of Quantum Physics, and the most simple truth of Life.

So simple! and yet so very, very complex.

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