I had a fabulous conversation the other day with Jim Roguski, who alerted us to the deceitful, totalitarian actions of the WHO in the past few months. One of the points of our conversation was, what commonalities can there be between people who continue on in the sea of delusional lies put forth by the media, and those of us who have escaped into our journey of Ascension?

My answer was David Hawkins’ brilliant Scale of Consciousness. I find that even if people don’t yet know the precepts of Quantum Reality, they certainly do know about the 7 Deadly Sins, and just maybe they’ve heard of the Chakra system.

I believe that every human knows subconsciously, if not consciously, that living in the context of the 7 Deadly Sins is not the right way to live. Perhaps people are born into it or perhaps they fall into it through any number of traps that are set up for people to fail. The truth is, whatever positive feelings there might be when someone acts out of the lower-frequency lifestyle, such as porn or the thrill of quick money, are fleeting, and whatever sensation of satisfaction, always returns to emptiness.

Until we cross that threshold, from Force into Power,
we remain captives in a manufactured
low-frequency paradigm.

The work necessary to elevate one’s frequency is not simple, nor quick, and perhaps it’s never finished! There is not one recipe or one blueprint to make it happen; everyone’s journey is different. Fortunately, in addition to the Scale of Consciousness, there are a few tricks and tips that I discovered will make the journey easier, no matter where you are on the Scale:

  1. Keep an open mind.
  2. Pay attention to all the little miracles that happen in life: the serendipities, the gifts from nowhere, the sudden new friendships.
  3. Express gratitude every day, no matter what your situation
  4. Forgive those who have hurt you
  5. Help someone (person, animal, plant) every day
  6. Connect with the Divine Creator often
  7. Meditate
  8. Sing, Dance, Laugh & Play as often as possible
  9. Question Authority
  10. Love Yourself

Some people have an easier time on the journey, some have many difficulties. It all depends on what the lessons are that you need to grow closer to Divine Consciousness; for that is the singular goal.

Eventually, we all return to Source!

It’s your choice, literally, how soon you get there.

A different version of the Scale of Consciousness. I exist mostly at L3 and above at this point in time, after decades of very intense struggle.

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