I received word from several of my intel sources today that the the Republic of the United States of America has been restored!


I am happier at this moment than I have ever been in my life – evil has been VANQUISHED!

And, to top it all off, the whole world is now on a gold-backed economic system! The Satanic bloodsuckers have been knee-capped! And we are now entering into the Golden Age of Aquarius!!!

Ever since I heard the news, I’ve been letting waves and waves of GOD’S PURE LOVE wash over me – Washing away the crazy stress, the excruciating frustration of waiting for this moment, the heartache of being an outcast, the pain of broken relationships, the decades of researching….

IT’S OVER! The Cabal has been DEFEATED!

From this moment onward, huemanity will begin to realize the extent to which we have been enslaved, subjugated, lied to, imprisoned, tortured, limited…. and it will be incredibly difficult for those who have been so deeply embedded in mainstream culture. It will be very, very difficult to learn of the lies, and the deceptions.

Please know that I do not judge, or hold anyone in contempt. There is infinite forgiveness and willingness to move on! The quantum future that awaits us is SO MAGNIFICENT and it will heal all wounds, and it will create such incredible opportunity for ALL PEOPLE!!!

PRAISE The DIVINE CREATOR!!! For this win reverberates throughout the Cosmos…

1,000 Blessings to All Life. I am so humbly grateful for being here at this time, and being the smallest player in the Great Awakening.

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