All the World’s a Stage, and All the Men and Women Merely Players.

– Shakespeare

Oh my, this is quite a subject and it demands a challenge to the history of Rockefellerian indoctrination (the shyte we’re taught in grade school) so grab your favorite drink, have a seat and unlock your mind to new possibilities.

First of all, it’s important to know that Rockefeller created both the Allopathic medical establishment and the American Education System at the turn of the 20th century. Quite a feat, if you ask me. The intention of both was not to empower humanity, but to enslave us. If you compare today’s home-schooled kids with public school kids, home-schooled kids are light-years ahead in intelligence, knowledge AND health. This single comparison reveals the depravity of the public education system, before you factor in everything else (not the least of which is the horrific gender-switching indoctrination – 50% of elementary school students in the last year have been coerced into identifying as non-binary!!!)

Likewise, people who take responsibility for their own health and avoid the medical establishment are all-together much healthier than those who are dependent on prescriptions. I’m not judging – life is often a SHITHOLE and sometimes it’s unavoidable, but the fact remains: people who don’t use pharmaceuticals are much healthier than those who do.

Truth: Just about everything we’ve been taught is a lie.

Under Stalin, an entire generation was raised with a completely fake history – fake people, fake events, fake dates – and when those people become adults, and learned that everything they had been taught, and lived, had been a lie – they went insane.

So, over the course of many years I’ve learned to take a fluid approach in building my perspective – always readjusting with new knowledge. A very heavy book could be written on this subject, and SHOULD be written, and perhaps HAS been written! I’m going to need to gloss over a lot, so please forgive me.

If you have read some of my recent posts, then you’ve learned a little about the Khazarian Mafia aka Cabal. There are many, many levels of the Cabal and perhaps the top visible tier is the 13 families, of whom Rothschild and Rockefeller are included. These 13 families control the entire workings of Earth. (See graphic below)

Ostensibly, the United States of America was founded to disengage from the constrictive policies of the Cabal. (The Rothschilds have controlled the British Treasury and Monarchy for many centuries – “He who controls the purse strings, controls the nation.”) The American economic situation has been perpetually tumultuous ever since, with the Cabal trying every which way to gain control of the purse strings of the Land of Milk and Honey.

They succeeded in 1871. The Civil War had bankrupted the Treasury, and we had to borrow money; the price of borrowing that money was giving away the rights to print American currency, to the Cabal.

That is the point at which we lost our sovereignty. The Cabal overlaid the US Corporation over the United States of America. We exited Common Law, entered into Admiralty (Maritime) Law, and everything since then has been further steps of indoctrination and enslavement of the populace. Here is an erudite discussion on the events of 1871.

The Federal Reserve

The Federal Reserve (created in 1914) is neither federal, nor a reserve. It is an independent corporation that has the sole rights to print American money and rent it out to the American government. And yes, it sets interest rates. It is beyond the reach of the legal system. You may have seen Greenspan, or Bernanke, or Yellen – the successive Chairs of the FR – appear in court from time to time, but if you pay attention, no justice is ever served… because the FR is not beholden to our justice system. “All the World’s a Stage.”

The story that has emerged, the real history of the creation of the FR, is the most extreme Hollywood Murder Mystery you can imagine. You can read it in G. Edward Griffin’s excellent book, Creature from Jekyll Island. The bloodthirsty, Godless Khazarian Mafia is capable of the most extraordinary evil. It’s much too involved to even scratch the surface here.

Once they were successful at birthing the FR, then they were able to implement Income Tax. There’s a powerful interview with Aaron Russo – the last before he was suicided – telling how the emancipation of women was nothing more than a ploy to get more people to pay income tax, and to break up the family structure in order to create greater levels of control. (Unfortunately the video seems to have been scrubbed from the Internet by The Ministry of Truth Fact Checkers.)

Fact: Income Tax is illegal according to the original US Constitution.

Honestly, when I look at how insane humanity has become – with all the ridiculous young women screaming how they want to get pregnant just so they can murder their babies, and I witness how public schools are blatantly stripping away parental rights – it’s obvious how very effective that plot to destroy the family unit has become.

So, the FR is in control of American money, and is in control of all taxes. (The Internal Revenue Service is yet another non-governmental private corporation.) When we pay taxes, we’re told that it’s all allocated by the government back to us – however we never get the full picture. As usual, they only show us what they want us to see, or to think, or to know.

Right now, our taxes are funding the millions of illegal immigrants coming through the Mexican border, and they are generously funding Zelensky’s Nazi Ukraine. It’s important to note that the Ukraine has long-been the global money-laundering center for the Globalists. A very significant portion of those taxpayer funds are siphoned right back into the pockets of Democratic and RINO politicians.

Fun Fact: the sigil in the Ukranian flag is also the Khazarian sigil. So, when you fly that flag you are supporting the murderous bastards who are murdering YOU with their death jabs! Fun!

Currency Manipulation

The Rothschilds are the world’s most expert currency manipulators. The London Rothschild of the time paid for early knowledge of Napoleon’s defeat at Waterloo, and he was able to place bets with that insider knowledge on the London Stock Exchange; it earned him a RIDICULOUS fortune which was then used to fund their further takeover of the world. The infamous stock market crash of 1929, leading to the Great Depression, was another Rothschildian currency manipulation.

The point of the crashes is not just to siphon funds, but to re-shape society. People are forced to move off their farms into city centers, and this process has removed us very far from connection with Earth and Nature. Their ultimate goal for us is not unsimilar to the movies Ready Player 1, The Matrix and the Mockingjay series.

George Soros is true to the family tradition; has openly admitted that he doesn’t have a care in the world for how many lives are destroyed by his financial manipulations.

The Petro Dollar

The Bretton Woods Agreement of 1944 created the Dollar as a Global Reserve Currency, meaning that all currencies were valued against $1. At the time, the dollar was pegged to gold. (Bretton Woods was also the inception of the International Monetary Fund (IMF).) Sometimes I wonder, how far in advance are they planning their shit? Did they know at Bretton Woods that they would depeg from gold in a few decades?

The Petro Dollar was born in 1945 when the US made an agreement with Saudi Arabia that oil would be bought and paid for with the Dollar. The whole world then began using the Dollar to buy and sell oil, and this made the Dollar exceptionally strong.

In 1971, Nixon de-pegged the American dollar from gold, and we switched to Fiat currency – literally, Promissory notes. Federal Reserve Notes. Paper funny money. It’s like driving a car that’s running on fumes…. once depegged from gold, the Dollar has NO UNDERLYING VALUE. It is destined to crash, sooner or later. Later, in this case, because of the significance of oil being traded with only Dollars. Here we witness yet another scheme to siphon all wealth into Globalist pockets.

All throughout the Post-WWII era, the CIA (Cabal) had been forcing countries around the world to bend the knee to the Federal Reserve through cold-blooded aggression – forcing them to relinquish their currency printing rights and implement a Rothschildian Central Bank. John Perkin’s excellent book, Confessions of an Economic Hit Man is a must-read on this subject.

Fun Fact: Only 3 countries had not caved to the FR when Bush Sr was in office – Iran, Syria and North Korea – which he playfully dubbed the “Axis of Evil.” Don’t you just love his sense of humor??

So, in a way, the action of de-pegging from gold was a big FU to all the countries that had been George-Floyded by the FR. The Federal Reserve is a Central Bank, and it has the right to print as much money as it wants, needs, or desires according to what it wants to do to a country, such as create hyper-inflation.


For various reasons, countries are destroyed / controlled through their economies. Hyper-inflation has spread like a virus throughout the world, to the point where countries like Zimbabwe and Venezuela issued trillion dollar notes that couldn’t buy a loaf of bread (Pray that doesn’t happen here! It WILL, and SOON – if we don’t revert the 2020 election to its rightful winner! Oddly, Trump does not seem to be a Khazarian; in fact, it’s widely believed this is the reason that the media and the Demonrats have been so heinously unfair to him. Don’t quote me on this, tho!).

Ironically, Zimbabwe is one of the wealthiest countries in the world with massive gold and diamond deposits, and just yesterday began issuing gold coins as currency. (This is promising, because once one country starts issuing gold currency, then ALL countries can issue their own gold currency!) Venezuela is also extremely wealthy, as is HAITI…. one of the cash-poorest countries in the world, which has some of the largest untapped gold and oil reserves.

It is sickening to witness how extremely the people of those countries have suffered, with all that wealth right beneath their feet. When Clinton was Secretary of State, she gave her brother the sole rights to mine gold in Haiti. She is (was) such a wicked Satanic bitch. Just wait till the indescribable depravity of the Clinton Foundation is unveiled to the public….

I hope by now you’re getting the picture that the Globalist Economy is purely contrived, and is very specifically a tool for the Globalists to increase their wealth and control the global population. We The People have been lied to over, and over and over again. They refer to us as “Useless Eaters” and their intention is to reduce our population to 500 million (that means 1 out of every 14 people would still be alive Ex Post Facto).

What does the future bring?

Several of the intel threads that I pay attention to have stated that over the course of the past 6 or so years, the Cabal has been slowly eliminated – from the top down – and the global economy is turning to a parity system. The BRICS Coalition has been building in force, especially over the last 6 months, and has become a real challenge to the American Gross Domestic Product (GDP- the wealth of a nation) and the Globalist SWIFT system of international monetary transfer. BRICS was started by Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa, but now many other countries around the world are now rushing to sign up – Saudi Arabia being the latest addition. There is talk of Germany joining, and that would instantly dissolve the European Union.

Note: Although it is absolutely antithetical to my sensibilities to trust Putin or Xi, much of what BRICS is doing seems to be for the benefit of Huemanity. Is it possible that Xi is destroying the CCP from the inside? Is it possible that Putin is dismantling the last vestiges of Nazism in the Ukraine? (The Russians know a thing or two about how bloodthirsty the Khazarians are.) I guess we’ll find out soon enough.

In the current Globalist SWIFT system, every time you send money, the Globalists take a chunk. And if you’re sending between banks, they’ll hold your money and use it to make money, while telling you “it’s for your safety.” (Where have I heard THAT before?) In the new system (BRICS/CIPS? I can only assume so), the banking structure is radically changed, and each one of us will be responsible for our own transactions, which are instant, and there is only a tiny fee taken out for system maintenance.

However, despite the Unicorns-&-Rainbows potential future presented by this niche of intel providers – where every human is provided for and we have access to quantum energy, quantum health, quantum everything – I’m not totally convinced. They state that all sovereign currencies around the world will be gold-backed, and at parity – which means that $1 = ¥1 = £1 = ₽1 = ₺1 etc. Every country’s in-ground assets have been assessed and the new currency will be issued according to that potential. All wealth of the .001% has been confiscated and is ready for redistribution. There is an immutable blockchain-based accounting system which records all transactions, and prevents the system from being used for human trafficking, drug trafficking, and other nefarious purposes. So, all that sounds MARVELOUS.

I sincerely hope this graphic speaks truth!

But, the new economic system could just as easily end up being the Green New Deal Social Credit Score System – aka The Great Reset – which is very, very bad – in fact, it would be the final nail in the coffin of Huemanity.

So, really, it depends on who wins the Information War, and we are in the final battle. This new economic system will either be our final enslavement and lead to the mass genocide of huemanity, or it will lead to the end of the Cabal and 1,000 years of Peace. That outcome depends on each one of us – whether we continue to acquiesce to hatred and division, and give our attention to the lies and manipulations of mainstream media – or, we turn off the TV and begin digging for our own knowledge and empowerment. It depends on whether we voluntarily exit the enslavement system, or choose to stay embedded in the Matrix.

My great hope is that you will join me in (at the very least) becoming a keyboard warrior, digging for the truth, and helping those you love to wake up from the insane mind control of the Mockingbird Media. We don’t have much time left.

THIS JUST IN: Russia drops the Dollar!

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