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There was one particular lecture at college that set the course of my life.

Meg at Dougs Wedding

The speaker (don’t remember his name) worked with GHWBush in the covert CIA in the 1960s, and he was there to tell us about the plans that became known as Agenda 21. He left that organization as a form of conscientious objection; and he brought his “conspiracy theory” on the college circuit to warn us into action. He offered details of future events that were designed to pave the way, which I recognized as they happened: 2 major Stock Market crashes, the Savings & Loan scandal, 9/11, Homeland Security and ultimately, the subjugation of humanity through Pharmaceuticals.

My friends and I were in a frenzy after the lecture, but the energy soon fizzled. It was truly overwhelming. (From the perspective of time, I realize that this lecture was intended as a form of predictive programming, despite how we might perceive it)

My day job for about 10 years after college was on Wall St, mostly at Goldman, Sachs. I worked across most departments and learned very well how they do business. I have to acknowledge that my experience there set me up as a computer maven, but for the most part I acted as a witness to the the extreme entitlement, fraud, wanton destruction; the incredible “collateral damage” effected by the investment banking industry and corporations in general – all of which was systematic, anti-Hueman. After I left left, it took me years to digest what I had witnessed, however one thing was crystal clear: Investment Banking was rotten to the core; and by extension the entire global fiat economy.

In tandem with my experience in the Music Industry (sex, drugs, greed & power) I learned very well in the 1990’s that there was something fundamentally twisted at the root of our society.

Ex Post Wall Street, it became evident to my creative collaborators and myself that we needed to create our own future reality, and that’s when I began actively seeking to “exit the matrix.” I’ve chosen to live as simply and frugally as possible in order to reduce my interaction with this evil economic system; this has allowed me the luxury of TIME…. to research, think, compose & create, explore and experiment. The Freedom to follow ideas, and plans, and projects.

After 9/11, I began meeting a new set of people, guerilla activists from around the world. I might describe them as early Hackers of The Matrix. Through this group of amazing individuals, I gained a whole new perspective on what’s behind the Anti-Earth Philosophy of the corporate world, as manifested so brilliantly in the Investment Banking world.

For starters, I learned another version of the tale of the sinking of the Titanic, and it’s relation to the Federal Reserve Act of 1913; I learned about our exit from the gold standard; and about the US Corporation. I learned how our legal process operates completely different than how we’re taught in school. I learned about ancient civilizations that have inhabited this Earth for millions of years. I learned how Quantum Physics was hidden from us; replaced with a multi-generational Agenda to poison our bodies, minds & spirits, ultimately disconnecting us from Source – Aligning with the prophecies from the college lecture.

A gift to myself: I explored writings on Fear in an attempt to conquer it. Self Realization : Fear serves no positive purpose.

When the virus was introduced into society, I recognized instantly that Fear was being used as a Weapon, and as things unfolded it was very clear to me that it was literally a Trojan Horse to implement Agenda 21, as foretold in that lecture 35 years ago.

My Greatest Joy:
The beautiful & fast-growing global tribe of PATRIOTS has rejected the mandates;
they arise around the world, inspiring others to STOP consuming the media;
CAST OFF the shackles of enslavement, and CLAIM Sovereignty & Divine Connection
in order to birth a new, super-abundant post-Cabal Quantum society.

The Beautiful Twist goes all the way back to Eisenhower & JFK, who initially warned us about the Cabal.

Unbeknownst to us, JFK implemented the Special Forces specifically to destroy the Cabal, and they have been working at it since December 24, 1963 with a joint coalition of 500 generals, in conjunction with White Hat military around the world, the Q Team (military intelligence), Anons and more recently, Patriots.

Now we know!

The massive Patriot wins in the elections tonight tells the whole story: WE THE PEOPLE will not sit idly by while a foreign power attempts to destroy us from within or without. Americans are the very definition of resilience, fortitude, creativity, and strength.

I am assured that we have won the war already, even if the final battles of this highly unconventional war have not yet played out.

The ultimate truth going forward:

Your magnificent VALUE is YOUR ENERGY.
You’ll never be a slave again!

I pray every day for the Light to conquer the forces of Evil ASAP, and release Earth from the grip of enslavement. I pray this is the time of Divine Intervention, when Huemanity is finally able to join the Universal Family.

We are so close I can smell it!!!!

Aho. Be in peace, my beautiful family.