The knowledge comes so fast and furious – sometimes it’s impossible to process it all in the moment and so you step back to get some time and space and perspective, and then a few pieces fall into place. Over time, the picture comes into focus. Today, the focus is excellent!


Take a few moments to close your eyes, center your energy into your heart, and take yourself back to the Best Moment of Your Life. What did it look like? Smell like? Feel like? Immerse yourself in the entire experience – remember it, embellish it, relive it in full. Laugh, smile, cry…. whatever comes up, allow it to flow through.

According to Dan Winter, quantum physicist and educator extraordinaire, this feeling is the exact way we connect to Divine Consciousness. He calls it Charge Implosion: the hydrogen in our body becomes perfectly structured; according to him, the vibrating energy at the center of the hydrogen atom is a direct connection to Source when in this state.

How many New Age gurus have encouraged us to FEEL what it is that we desire to be, or have? Not just imagine, but really get into the actual frequency of it. This is the key to Ascension – through our Hydrogen!!

However it is that you can bring BLISS into your life more often, especially as the antidote / replacement to all the fear, the better off you will be. Give to others, volunteer, surprise someone, forgive someone (especially yourself!), be grateful, etc. There are SO many ways to get into that blissful state! Go barefoot in the grass, on the beach, get out in the sun! Drink clean hydrogenized water.

Where your attention goes, energy flows.

Be the lightning rod that directs that current from Heaven to Earth!