Or, maybe, get off your Ass and DO SOMETHING!

Waking thought: Why the hell did Pete Seeger and Peter, Paul & Mary etc sing “If I had a Hammer” a million times, when they prolly realized that the vast majority of humanity would REFUSE TO PAY ATTENTION when the Artist Warriors in DROVES were out in the streets Hammering their hammers, Ringing their bells, and Singing their songs, when the time finally came ….

Anyway. This morning I feel compelled to make a list of all the ways the Cabal has ensnared us into their trap, but first let’s describe what happens to those who are trapped.

It is first and foremost a trauma trap, so if you’re in trauma, you’ve been trapped. It’s up to you to 1) recognize the trauma, and 2) find your way out.

In the lineage of Freud, The Cabal are masters of psychology and they have successfully created a traumatized culture – which disengages certain capabilities by limiting the circumference of our Biofield in order to contain & manipulate us. They introduce fear, which is yet another control mechanism, and never, ever talk about all the capabilities that are available to us when our Biofield is fully engaged (Siddhis), except as fiction. Once you are trapped, you are controllable and you will engage in not-so-great behavior – Addiction, Abuse, Medication, Violence etc; The 7 Deadly Sins, essentially, which are at the lowest end of the Third Dimensional vibrational frequency band which is like a glue trap for our eternal spirits.

Sometimes, people need to be reminded that the concept of the Hero’s Journey…. inside each one of us, and through the experience of confronting our fears, is born a Hero with super-human capabilities. This is truth. Finding your way out of Trauma should be your Number 1 Priority, ALWAYS.

Transhumanism seeks to replace super-human capabilities with AI, just at the point where the knowledge of the activation of those super-human abilities comes to public awareness.

Transhumans – through Musk’s empire – will lose Free Will forever. This is one of the Monumental Evils that we’re up against.

But there are MANY Monumental Evils! Let’s explore.

  1. Bill Gates is now the largest owner of farmland in the United States, ostensibly on behalf of the CCP. In addition, he is invested heavily in food production plants, including synthetic breast milk and bugs as protein. He is also in control of the vast majority of seed. Mr. Gates is heavily invested in vaccines, the business of abortion, and patents on human-AI interaction. In fact, it is proven that there is Graphene in some of the C19 jabs, that self-organizes in the body and creates large clots. In fact, Mr. Gates, through his patents, considers that anyone who has received his Moderna vaccines are now Genetically Modified Organisms, and he owns them. How very capitalistic!

  2. Meanwhile, Klaus Schwab and his cronies have just voted amongst themselves that they should have all the rights to the health of every human in the world, so, as we watch the horror shit show in China, and the rolling out of the vaccine passports in Europe with a spend limit of $50/day per person and morbid penalties for non-conformity…. if we have any active grey matter at ALL, we should be asking ourselves, “Can That Happen Here?”

  3. Meanwhile, FTX and Zelensky/Ukraine (at the same time) have acted as money-laundering fronts for the Cabal, which has funneled a ridiculous amount of that money to the DNC. (Notice the kid gloves used with the kid who lost $32 Billion overnight.) Ukraine has also been a bastion of Bioweapon production, and is the known homeland of the Khazarians (Ancient, ruthless, evil-blooded people who took on the mantle of different religions and Free Masonry to assimilate into the world – think Rothschild, Orsini, Carnegie, Warburg etc). In fact the sigil of the Ukraine that Zelensky wears in every picture, is the sigil of the Khazarians.

  4. Meanwhile, people are still shouting WE’RE GONNA DIE OF OVERPOPULATION! as the fertility rate plummets and miscarriages have skyrocketed and the mortality rate around the world is millions upon millions higher than normal.

    Army Veteran Pam Long Lists Alarming Numbers From the DMED Data Base:
    Myocarditis Up 2800%
    Cancers – Up 300% to 900%
    Miscarriages – Up 300%
    Neurological Disorders – Up 1000%
    Demyelinating Disorders – Up 1000%
    Multiple Sclerosis (MS) – Up 600%
    Guillain-Barré Syndrome – Up 500%
    HIV – Up 500%
    Pulmonary Embolisms – Up 400%

  5. Meanwhile, there’s the indoctrination of our school children into the LGBTQ+ community, which actively promotes primarily gay sex and pedophilia, in conjunction with genital mutilation/sterilization (in concert with Bill Gates and friends). Already, half our our elementary kids have been coerced to identify as LQBTQ+ in order to be accepted!!!! The foetid seed of germination of this movement was conceived, birthed and fostered at Indiana University, at the Kinsey Institute for Sex Research and – as an alumni – I might have to make it my duty to rip that building down, brick by brick. (I learned about the plan in the mid-1980s from a pre-transexual who was deeply involved in the Kinsey Institute.).

    My heart goes out to my gay / trans friends because they’re gonna have to go back in the closet. This time has shown us that when we allow deviance from societal norms, whatever deviant elements of the society will come back to life, and it will ALWAYS lead to Pedophilia Culture. THIS is primary messages of this time IF THERE IS TO BE A FUTURE!!!. I don’t see ANY LQBTQ+ out there standing up against pedophilia, and my guess is that many of them are different BECAUSE of pedophilia!!!

    “The Force of Stockholm Syndrome is strong in the LGBTQX*@^!%, young Jedi.”

    Maybe Stockholm Syndrome has become the norm.
  6. Meanwhile, human trafficking is one of the primary economies in the world and the vast majority of the trafficked are children, who are used for many horrible, anti-human purposes. The avatar of Joseph R. Biden, president of the United States of America, is currently the largest human trafficker the world has ever known – OUT IN THE OPEN!!!!! – and the American people have enabled and witnessed this horror, which not only feeds the child sex trafficking, adrenochrome and meat businesses, but has also been designed to reconfigure the demographics of this country – politically, socially, and in many other ways.

  7. Meanwhile, the economy has been solidly shifting toward the WEF’s Great Reset, which is the trap door of enslavement, which successfully uses Orwellian language to manipulate the public to think it’s wonderful, when it’s actually the worst possible thing that could happen – and that is upon us exactly at this moment in time.

  8. Meanwhile, Free Energy sources explode to life as the Cabal continaully pushes the very anti-life Green New Deal

  9. etc. etc. etc. etc. (to be continued)

Shame on you, Fake-News Mongers!

Shame on you, Americans who have remained willfully ignorant this whole time; Carrions of Fake-News while the rest of the world has been on the streets, shouting en masse; while those of us with eyes to see have been Hammering Our Hammers, and Ringing Our Bells, and Singing Our Songs!!!

That being said, we forgive you!
And we welcome you with open arms to the Great Awakening!

The Shifting Global Economy

We will be soon coerced to use the new global economic system, the Quantum Financial System (QFS), for all financial transactions, probably January, 2023 – next month. Latest, March 2023. By all accounts, it is managed by Artificial Intelligence (AI). Charlie Ward says something to the effect that

The QFS’s “benevolent” AI will protect your funds as long as you’re good and do what you’re told.

– Charlie Ward, self-declared spokesperson for the QFS

The QFS will be accessed through Musk’s new Tesla Pi phones (extremely Satanic imagery!!!!) and Musk’s Starlink (the end of privacy). The intention is then to use Musks’ Twitter as a kind of WeChat, the app used in China that connects all of your information in one place, enabling the all-enslaving Social Credit Score system. Eventually, the phone will be replaced with Neuralink. (Important to note that the Neuralink destroys your blood-brain barrier, which is one of God’s greatest inventions.)

There IS an alternate future in store for those of us who honored our Unalienable (un-a-LIEN-able) Right of Self-Determination by engaging our critical thinking skills, rejecting herd mentality, and not accepting an experimental jab. I don’t have the whole picture yet, but there is more and more clarity every day. Off-grid communities and van-life seem to be popular, immediate answers, but with the Internet of Things… who knows how long those material-world loopholes will last.

It’s extremely significant that Zion – the last human civilization in The Matrix trilogy
was Deep Underground.

The Answer, if Hari Seldon were here, would relate to the ideas of Consciousness and Ascension. I’m developing a 2nd, complimentary campaign to Demand Free Energy NOW!!! – called, What is Consciousness and Why Does it Matter? I hope to have it published in first version, very soon. The Answers ARE out there, for those who still engage their Curiosity, and they have to do with Free Energy & Consciousness.

Which is why I’m here, doing exactly what I was put on God’s Beautiful Earth to do!!!

The thought keeps coming to me – you must be a TWIT if you engage with TWITTER!
Evils/Elvis is an anagram just like Santa/Satan. Not for nothing, but the materialism of Christmas is exactly how Satan sinks his Claws into the hearts and minds of young humans…

Wishing you 1,000 Blessings on this MONUMENTAL DAY!!!!