Misadventures on the Path to Consciousness

Primary problem with the world is that people do not understand that their perspective is only one perspective. That’s what our culture teaches us to believe – there can be only one version of Right, one Winner, one Authority. The “Me” Culture is a slippery slope to complete annihilation.

Einstein’s Theory of Relativity describes how different perspectives literally experience an event very differently, and yet we most often assume that others experience an event the same exact way *we* do. We assume a similarity of perspective which does not exist.

So – every time we make a judgment about another, it’s based on our unique perspective – that the offender does not conform to our specific version of reality.

How does not conforming to YOUR perspective, make someone wrong?

I’m opening up this conversation because I would truly appreciate being in a discussion about how to change this cultural-level mind control. If we can figure out how to break this habit/pattern… so much else will follow through!

Love, Unity, Gratitude, Generosity, Joy.
These are my 5 Commandments.

Electricmeg will perform her one-woman multimedia odyssey, The Language of Water, in August & September 2019 in Port Jervis & Bethel, NY.