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From one perspective, the financial crash that we are currently experiencing is the End of the World. Many people will be made destitute and that is a very sad and unfortunate truth. There are many similarities to the stock market crash of 1929, however there is another side to this story.

We are witnessing not just the crash of an economy, but of an entire system – real estate, food, healthcare, energy, education – it’s ALL crashing down around us. My life’s work has been to uncover the anti-human underpinnings of this system and so I am not quite as desperate as others who are only seeing the destruction, but who never quite realized how insanely corrupt the system was to begin with!

The Stock Market crash of 1929, which led to the Great Depression, was no accident, but a strategic move of the Globalists – one step in the direction of their Evil Master Plan; just as the sinking of the Olympic (NOT the Titanic), the World Wars, the Dust Bowl and so many other historical events were strategic moves in that same direction. Remember, Tesla has already discovered/invented weather modification technology and many other things that have been used against us for the past century (while empowering the Evil Ones!)!

Edward Bernays, Freud’s nephew, weaponized psychology against the masses, with the goal of enslaving the masses by glorifying the 7 deadly sins. Controlled by the CIA, the Mass Media was from its inception used to control the minds and souls of Americans, and by extension the world. Wherever I travelled abroad, I realized that America’s biggest export was Hollywood – selling the American Dream which is based on …. what? Can you come up with the words yourself? Right, the 7 Deadly Sins.

Pride, Greed, Lust, Envy, Gluttony, Wrath, Sloth

This strategic initiative against the American people, at least the part of it that was put in action over the course of the last century, removed us from the land, gave rise to the CIA-controlled Hollywood and corporate media, replaced natural medicine with chemicals, sold convenience and vanity as the ultimate goal, created education as a slave-indoctrination system, worked to destroy the family unit and ultimately create dependence on the State.

At this moment, I witness the baby formula crisis and I recognize it as the perfect example of how convenience was sold to us. Babies, of course, are supposed to be breast fed! Breast milk is the perfect food. However, because many women work outside the home, the convenience of formula became an addiction. I worked outside the home, and I pumped milk every morning and night – but too many women are unwilling to do this for their child(ren). There are some women and babies who are unable to breastfeed (although I can’t figure out how they would have survived 100 years ago unless there was a wetnurse around).

What the general public doesn’t know about this crisis is that the FDA discovered that some formula was poisoned, and they didn’t know where the poison was coming from. So they pulled it from the shelves and shut down all plants that were producing formula ingredients, one by one, so that they could pinpoint where the poison was coming from.

During this process, the public learned that 3 companies control the US baby formula market, and just how “elastic” regulations can be.

Meanwhile, and quite unexpectedly for the Evil Ones, recipes for home-made formula went viral and parents began to realize how simple and cheap it is to make it at home – and so the shortage has turned into an evolution toward of self-empowerment.

Truth is, formula has always been made with horrible ingredients which compromise the immune system and create sugar addiction.


Whether you consider the stock market crash, the or the baby formula crisis, all of the indicators are screaming at us: Get Out of the System!

This requires self-responsibility, self-education, engagement with your community, and perhaps most importantly it requires you to GROW into a more spiritually connected person.

It requires a complete shift in our mindset – individually, and collectively.

I believe that as our society evolves away from the disintegrating system, we will be infinitely more connected to the Creator, and this is the greatest, most desirable shift possible.

As we reject those who wish to destroy us,
we embrace that which created us!

My work is to teach and assist people in exiting the System. It’s like an underground railroad out of the Matrix. You have to reach a point of self-awareness, and suddenly a helping hand appears out of nowhere!

Wishing you many blessings in this most glorious transition!

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