Thank God we got through Election Day without an overt, violent False Flag.

However, the behind-the-scenes vote theft happened on a grandiose scale (it was captured in real time by the Space Force and others), and will soon be revealed (in conjunction with Brazil, I assume).

One of the Anons I have been enjoying (SGAnon/QNewsPatriot) has just announced his “retirement” from the realm of sharing intel, stating that his phase of the operation has been terminated and he’ll be turning his attention elsewhere. His final podcast dropped a few jewels of scrumptious intel that I’m compelled to share:

  • The Military is Here because of the Awakening of our Collective Consciousness; being in recognition of the Matrix. This sets the stage for the uncovering of the Evil that has been controlling us.
  • Continuous operations for the past 7 days – low sky / high sky recon; cyber-command. Election Day was the final move. Early voting shows massive red wave.
  • 2 governments, 2 SCOTUS: one for the corporation, one for the Constitutional Republic of the United States. The latter has been in operation the last two years and legally cancelled the election.
  • Election is being administered by the US Army Cyber Command, Space Force and various detachments of AF and Navy who are running electronic operations. It is extremely pivotal.
  • Could be that the election will show an enormous red wave before we go to sleep. Military will wait a few days before taking any action because in that time period the cheating will reverse the wave.
  • The revelation of the “unbelievable fraud” (designed to shock the sleepers) could lead to civil unrest leading to EBS perhaps 11/11 (Veteran’s Day/Armistice Day (end of WWI)).
  • JFK’s EO11110 – to revert US currency to a silver standard. (on 11/11)
  • 11/11/22 was the final day on the Q Countdown Clock
Q Drop – 5 Year Delta on Election Day

What are some other perspectives on 11:11?

1111 Numerology: You’re assisted by the Universe to grow and expand into Pure Love. Pay attention, be aware and stay grounded.

1111 is Instinct: an indicator that you’re on the right track!

1111 is a message from your Guardians that you’re on the brink of taking a great leap forward in a particular aspect of your life (that you’re probably aware of).

On Sunday, every time I looked at the clock it was either 1:11 or 11:11. It was uncanny! And powerful as a harbinger of New Beginnings.

11/11 is my nephew’s birthday, and 11:11 is the time my son was born.

It could be a communication from one of your Spirit Guides, helping you to make a decision. It’s a signal to Expand… be Courageous…. and perhaps most importantly be open to the sudden opportunities that come your way.

1111 is like a text from God that something fabulous is about to happen

…. and this is how I am living my life at this time, because I truly believe we are about to experience the most extraordinary transformation, into the Quantum Age.