If there was ever a perfect opportunity for humanity to engage its Divine Connection, that would be now.

My mandala artwork is leaning toward the representation of energy – the quantum universe.

Certain information remains elusive to my discernment; the Big Bomb has not yet dropped and we’re in the “Breath Before the Storm” at this moment. Trump has said a few things in his speeches over the last few nights that have given me the most extraordinary hope, and he continues to say certain things (ie: Ukraine) that I cannot fathom. But, he did change his language on vaccines to be correct, so hopefully he will eventually correct his language on the other important issues.

Ahriman Lucifer and Christ are a Trine with the specific purpose of shaping humanity to Good or Evil. They have put systems in place to entrap us – including the Act of 1871 with all its trappings (Federal Reserve, IRS, Birth Certificates etc) but even in the midst of it, it was possible to recognize that there was something very wrong with the picture.

Just as an example, when you see the colors Red and Black used in a stark manner (as in the background of Biden’s recent speeches) that is a very specific marker of Evil. Think Netflix, Nike, Hollywood etc. That color combination is a message to each one of us: If you choose to engage with this (service, product) then you agree to engage with Evil.

On a very buried subconscious level, everyone knows this …. and now it’s time for everyone to un-bury / restore this vital part of our self.

Even in the midst of Evil chaos, the Christ Impulse is ALWAYS there, inherent in human existence. We all have the power to Do The Right Thing. We always have the choice in how to act / react.

Inner Knowing (Intuition) empowered by Self-Realization is the God-Connection and it’s available to EVERY ONE!!!

Electronics (Ahriman) were designed specifically to REPLACE this connection. Prayer / Meditation / Nature are the antidote.

There is absolutely no need for bionic enhancements!!!

We win this multi-generational war by slipping out of the noose just in time – by replacing Fear with Love, Convenience with Responsibility, Isolation with Connection. By accepting that we are Children of the Most High…. aspects of Perfection…. and NOONE or NO THING can take that away from us.

May the Light of the Divine Creator cast all evil
from the face of the planet forever!