I hope you’re ready for what’s about to happen. I hope you have prepared. I hope you have your seat belt on and a strong connection to the Creator.

I was just given the perspective of recognizing what an incredible point of change we are experiencing at this moment; not unlike the introduction of the Printing Press which enabled a pivotal acceleration in our spiritual evolution. At that time, as information began to spread like wildfire, people began to draw the line in defense of their of religion, and as a result there was a tremendous amount of war, death and restructuring. Out of that fire, was born the Renaissance.

Losing Everything is Often a Portal to Great Change.

This is absolutely a Gutenberg Moment.

Today the CDC (ACIP) unanimously passed a decision that points only one way forward in the realm of forced medication, and it is not good. In fact, it’s so bad that it’s the straw that breaks the camel’s back. They have made their plans clear for the destruction of society, and swords are drawn, so to speak. I could quote euphemisms all day long.

The Great Reset races forward, built on an AI Blockchain (I now comprehend the full significance of Oracle). The new system makes all your information available to all authorities …. no more privacy, no more sovereignty. Other people get to decide your fate based on their goals, not yours. All authorities are now consolidated into one general authority and you had better comply, because the value of your life is now ZERO!

I know it’s difficult to believe, but many of the jabs contained graphene which self-assembles in the body and, as laid out in several different (Bill Gates) patents, is intended to connect to 5G signals for any number of nefarious reasons. It is all meant to either kill us, or turn us into transhuman slaves without connection to God, and without free will. Hive-mind, remote-controllable droids of flesh.

The term ‘Intent to Kill” barely scrapes the surface of the demonic Cabal agenda which is unfolding before our very eyes – Weather Warfare is being waged with Tesla technology (100 year old technology); the deception is that they’re calling it Climate Change and blaming it on you & me, and herding us into the anti-human/anti-life Green New Deal. All the while, they hold the wand that directs the fury of the hurricane, and all the while, they’re using Quantum (free / infinite / zero-point / etheric etc) Energy in their own subterranean society.

At this very moment there are insane amounts of water that are completely displaced in the world – from the vicious drought in the horn of Africa (where there is RIDICULOUS amounts of gold) to the flooding of the Nigerian delta to the bizarre loss of the ocean in Ft. Meyers to the drying up of the Yangzee, Rhine, Mississippi and Euphrates Rivers – either water is completely gone, or it’s an epic flood. And you and I are supposed to believe that it’s because of cow farts and catalytic converters.

Unfortunately, Agenda 21/30 and Weather Warfare are are just one layer of the deception. The fact that mutilating kids (intent: de-masculinizing (removing any physical threat), making infertile) and turning them into drag stars (serving the pedophile agenda) is now considered the pinnacle of “inclusion” – this should be enough to wake EVERYONE up. This is the Satanic agenda IN ACTION.

If you desire to do some deep diving on the totality of the deception, commit yourself to watching Janet Ossebaard’s 25 part series (and growing) called Fall of the Cabal which I strongly recommend and agree with in almost totality. Severe warning: It will shatter the propaganda mask. It IS the Red Pill, and once you have consumed this knowledge, there is no going back.

We have reached a point of no return.

Humanity stands at the threshold of the Quantum/5D Universe, and Artificial Intelligence/Machine World is attempting to block us from attaining that evolution.

The order of the day is PURITY, PRAYER, HUMILITY, FORGIVENESS, LOVE & CONVICTION and DIVINE CONNECTION. This is humanity’s opportunity to evolve into a God/Love-based society and experience the best possible future, or to be absorbed into the Machine world and disappear forever. The Machine / AI cannot interface with higher frequencies.

There IS a strong & brilliant (and soon-to-be-successful) counter-movement to the Globalists’ Agenda and it has been in action for many decades, most importantly since the assassination of JFK. If you look hard enough, you can always be reminded that there is plenty of GOOD in this world, and it is THAT energy that we must make the priority! Connect with people who are doing GOD’s Work and amplify that energy!

THIS is how we win, by choosing GOD / LOVE over CONVENIENCE / EVIL.

Human evolution generated by AI Stable Diffusion

Divine Creator, we are ready to evolve to the frequency of Love!
We are grateful for the hard-earned lessons of the Third Dimension.

There is no other.