In the past few days, there have been a few magnificent miracles. First we got the news that the trumpet-playing Brunson brothers out of Utah have been very busy preparing a case of Treason against every elected official who certified the 2020 election… and the case was not only taken up by SCOTUS, but was requested – with urgency. This is a very serious Trump Card. There are 2 cases, matching, and we expect to hear more on January 6th. Hopefully it’s not too late.

Yesterday’s miracle was Elon Musk dropping a ton of information regarding Twitter’s role in election fraud / censorship in the 2020 election…. including direct connections to the DNC and Biden.

It’s better than Birthday, anniversary, Christmas and 4th of July all rolled up together! Plus, more names were released from the Jeffrey Epstein case. And, we are coming up to the terabytes information from John McAfee being released (that will be a modern Nagasake on the Cabal!).

We are about to witness the drawing and quartering, and scattering to the four winds, of the Evil that has been a cancer on this Earth.


Infinite gratitude to these visionary, brave, generous, kind and genius Americans for taking the reigns and racing onto the Path of Righteousness.