For me, the jewel of this year has been developing the Fine Art of Discernment.

It’s like the power of an industrial-sized magnet pushing me forward on a laser-focused path toward the fruition of my more perfect, harmonized, 5th Dimensional Self. In truth, I’ve experienced the upgrade of many 5D skills, and it is NICE! The year has been about gaining confidence, honing my new talents and honoring my special and unique gift of Vision – and perhaps most importantly, discarding what no longer serves. In short, it has been one of the most monumental years of growth, and of production – EVER! and I feel like a shiny new sprig, basking in the Glory of God’s Glorious Grace! Synthesizing that magnificent energy into the purest, most perfect iteration of Self while the Old World crashes and burns behind us!

A recent upgrade concerns the mirage of Obligation. In two recent events where I participated in archaic forms of obligation, neither turned out well; it became obvious very quickly that I should have followed my intuition to not participate. This has taught me something very important: ultimately, we have obligation to our own selves, and to that which we choose to be obligated. Being able to make that choice, is a very important skill.

Catturd is one of the great Digital Soldiers / Anons. Perfectly irreverent!

I have spent these past few years, mostly solitary, trying to become more Christ-like. It’s hard to do when you’re constantly bombarded with 3D chaos, so I am exceedingly grateful for the unbelievably beautiful and secluded places I have lived, and the nature, and the silence, and the ability to exist fully inside my own experience. I have been healed as much by the peace of my surroundings, as the meditation itself and other modalities.

People criticize me* for living simply, outside the system, and for all the things that are related to my devotion to research using the most extraordinary gift ever given to humanity – the open and free internet, which is very quickly coming to an end. Criticism has become a blatant marker that a person is fully enmeshed in the 3D Matrix, and I need to shift my attention ASAP. Valuable lesson, if you ask me!

Morpheus: Anyone who is not Awakened, is a potential Agent.

* Criticism, assumptions and rumor-mongering are inherent faults of the 3rd Dimension and I forgive (not forget). The expanded sense of time between the ASSumptions and the inevitable karmic boomerang has become sweet enjoyment.
SGAnon is a more recent, and potent Anon.

I have become the embodiment of CONNECTION
which, according to many sages from across the ages
is the only achievement the matters

This significance of this TIME that we are in, at this very moment, is the final battle of a war between Good and Evil that is being played out all around us. If I comprehend the physics correctly, evil cannot exist at higher frequencies than the Fourth Dimension. Dimensions are frequency bands within the Electromagnetic Spectrum. So, with our 5 senses, in the 3rd Dimension, we hear from 20k – 20,000k hertz only. We see light in the confines of a similar bandwidth.

This is where Transhumanism has entered the picture, and all who choose that route will enter the lowest realms of Hell, for infinity. It’s no accident that Transhumanism is coming to the forefront at the very moment when


Black is the darkest color and the lowest frequency band, and it is the absence of color. White is the lightest color and the highest frequency band, and is the inclusion of all color.

The higher we elevate our personal frequency, the more LIGHT we are, and –

the less we experience of evil.
the more we exist in the 5th Dimension where everything is possible.
the more extra-sensory skills are available to us.
the closer to God we are.

A few ideas to elevate your own personal frequency:

Eat less food.
Eat organic, raw, local food.
Drink pure, clean, structured water.
Severely limit or eliminate alcohol & sugar.
Invite the Divine Creator into your life.
Be Humble.
Be Generous.
Be Grateful.
Reject the 7 Deadly Sins.
Replace Noise with Silence.
Spend more time in Nature.
Learn how to Bless Water.
Forgive yourself.
Forgive others.
Make less mistakes.
Lead from the Heart.

Christ was a pauper and taught the Way of Love.
Buddha cast away his princely trappings to become a monk, and taught the Awakening Process. The prophets eschewed materialism in all forms because they were trying to reveal the Expanded Universe of Possibilities.

Fact: The global economy is powered by the blood of countless tortured children. How you tread in that Satanic economy represents your acquiescence to Evil.

Om Shanti Shanti

All Glory to the Divine Creator!