CDC 2017: 862,300 abortions were performed in the US

(This equals about 1/380th of the US population, most recent year of reporting available, lowest number in recorded history. I have seen other statistics, that there are in fact 1.5 million abortions every year.)

I was a young child when Roe vs. Wade happened and my mother, a single parent of five children, was very involved in this fight. That was the environment I grew up in, and therefore the mindset I adopted without question. It was a time when women were trying, in so many ways, to figure out how to rise out of the perpetual servitude that society had created for us.

So, when it came time for me to join the fight I was right there in DC, chanting “My Body My Choice!” and screaming and fighting for abortion rights, being what I thought was an engaged liberal citizen. I was the first person my friends called when they needed someone to help them through their own abortions.

At one point, to support my Liberal Crusade, one of my brothers gave me a book about Margaret Sanger. Upon reading the book I became confused and many questions came into mind, such as – why did Sanger focus her work in Black neighborhoods? Who was funding her work? and Why not use that money to explore the many different aspects of unplanned pregnancy – such as improving quality of life, offering more forms of maternal support, etc. That book represented the very beginning of my Awakening.

Much later I learned that the Sanger family was deeply entrenched with the (Bill) Gates family, who were all a part of a greater eugenicist movement. In fact, I heard a statistic the other day that although only 15% of the American population is African American, 30% of all abortions are performed are on African American women. This is truly shocking and ridiculously hypocritical in a country where Liberals are screaming to elevate the rights of Black citizens over the rights of White citizens.

In 2000–2001, US abortion rates among women of reproductive age:

Black Women: 49 per 1000
Hispanic: 33 per 1000
White Women: 13 per 1000


One Quarter (1 in 4) American women, under the auspices of Roe Vs. Wade, opt for an abortion. (

Let me be perfectly transparent: In early 30s, I had an abortion. At the time I was deeply entrenched in the Matrix, not at all connected to God, at a critical point in my music career, and my Jamaican lover made it perfectly clear that he would not support me. It was an adult choice and I didn’t think twice about it.

Without the abortion, I would have been a welfare mother and as I witnessed through the wrenching experience of several friends, children of a single welfare parent often ends up with CPS. (As the public will soon find out, CPS and the judicial system are deeply implicated in child trafficking.)

So, I speak with certain experience. If you’ve followed my blog at all you know that I also talk about the war against children, so that if I had given birth at that time, and then given the child up for adoption, that brown child would almost certainly have been sold into sex slavery and/or Satanic Ritual Abuse and/or farmed out to Pharma for drug testing. Note: There were other options available to me that I was unaware of at the time and the realization, ex post facto, was one of my Great and Difficult Life Lessons.

I am supremely empathetic to the fact that the onus of unwanted pregnancy falls almost exclusively on the woman, and it is life-altering. We DO live in a culture the promotes the degradation/sexualization of women and the glorification of the male orgasm and THIS IS THE PROBLEM. My point is, we must find other answers – they DO exist, and are waiting for us to discover them.

This male – female power imbalance creates the society which promotes child sacrifice. Abortion is the leading cause of death, bar none. A small percentage of orphaned children (mostly babies) are adopted into loving, positive, empowering homes; the rest are left to fend for themselves, sold into sex slavery, plied with all forms of pharmaceuticals, and in the case of Anthony Fauxi, all forms of Inquisition-style medical testing on AIDS orphans.

One of my close musical colleagues came out of the orphanage system and his stories were absolutely heart wrenching and almost unbelievable – his reality was rape, being drugged, and being beaten. How he became the extraordinary success he did, I continue to wonder at.

One wonders at the incredible popularity of books and movies such as Oliver Twist (and all of Dickens, really) and all the Shirley Temple movies. Although the main characters found lavish homes, every other orphan in these tales was a disposable, unvalued human. (Yet another example of When Life Imitates Fiction although in fact, it’s Life Imitating Fiction Imitating Life!!!)

Fact: CPS has an agenda to separate children from their families, and this extends into the the education system and the hospital system – specifically through Obamacare.

So – The important question is, WHY is this our reality, and what can we do about it?????

I entreat you to DIG IN and QUESTION this anti-woman, anti-child reality, and become a member of the Greater Abortion Debate. Here are a few ideas to get your self-inquiry going:

  • – WHY are children given up for adoption treated so inhumanely?
  • – WHY do religious organizations fight so hard against abortion, yet fail to support new mothers?
  • – WHY is the support for single mothers abysmal?
  • – WHY are most available forms of birth control (in the hands of women) detrimental to women?
  • – WHY are there not BILLIONS of dollars spent in perfecting the prevention of conception?
  • – WHY do we live in a society where women are so disempowered?
  • – WHY is the male orgasm glorified through Viagra, Advertising, Hollywood, Sports and beyond?
  • – WHY has the CCP just unveiled the artificial womb?

These questions are the tip of the iceberg. I believe that a very different reality is possible, but it will only manifest if enough people come together to agree and insist that a very different reality is possible.

After many decades of engaging with this subject, I have come to the belief that Abortion is an offense against God, and is a form of government-sanctioned Child Sacrifice. I believe there are plenty of answers; alternatives waiting for us, if we would simply allow a conversation / debate.

Instead of engaging with the current system which foetidly deranged, let’s imagine a better society into existence in which women and children are revered & empowered, and the primary role of men is to support & defend them.

Footnote 1: I am infinitely grateful that God gave me another opportunity to be a mother, and that my child has grown up to be an extraordinary young man who will be a LIGHT where ever he goes and whatever he does.
Footnote 2: I encourage you to go back and look at the movie “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang” from the perspective of a culture that normalizes child snatching and pedophilia.
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