In the science world, it is often stated that the most important manifestations of Genius are realized before the age of 30. I would agree that the competitive wonder-drive of collegiate & doctoral minds should not be underestimated; but for any monumental discovery by a 20-something, I would counter with one of equal value from a person who has a few more years locked away.

There’s no substitute for experience
w/ ballast of success & failure

In 2020, I was gifted a course by William Whitecloud on activating Divine Creativity (DC), and it was EXCELLENT. Geared toward people who had never thought of themselves as creative, I was able to add value to my group, concerning improvisation; but I was deeply inspired by the coursework, community and revelations. I loved how the course was structured, I appreciated how the facilitators were able to help me and others through the minefields of our inner selves in order to achieve the end result of the course.

And yes, those traps can be very tricky to navigate; Self-defeatism, addiction, poverty, illness…. all intricately designed to prevent you from accessing your DC.

The whole point of Divine Creativity is to be able to envision & manifest your unique and brilliant concept of Life, and the Future. Each one of us has a distinct perspective, and it’s up to us to find out what it is and how to use it. There is no age limit on creativity; we can plug in at any point in time. Tesla knew this.

Some people consider that the elevation of spirit is about activating our quantum entanglement with the Field (aka akash, prana, qi, ether, etc), the multi-dimensional matrix of which we are a part, and which is an instant connection to All Place, All Time, All That Is. Through that connection, we have access to Divine Creativity instantly.

Connection Process:

Imagine yourself connected to All That Is. Being near water is a way to amplify your presence.

Sit, Close your eyes, Breathe long & deep, 8 times.

Ask for a connection to Source.

Say Ho’oponopono Prayer out loud:
I’m Sorry
Please Forgive Me
Thank You
I Love YOU

Present your plea, out loud – Remember to be very specific in what you ask for.

Give thanks again.

Create your own reality

After you have finished the process, sit silently to see if there’s an immediate reply. If not, then remember to stay open to receive from unexpected people in unexpected situations, and when it happens – BELIEVE IT! When a thought pops in your mind, or you see someone you haven’t seen in years, or get unexpected communication, etc etc, LISTEN to what is there for you. Expect the Unexpected.

If you are not asking / requesting anything specific, but simply attempting to connect – this works as a way to receive downloads that are not specific to your ego.

With every important choice, or decision, this process can be used to access your “higher self” as a way of divination. No pendulum needed. You are able to unlock your intuitive self with time & practice, and come to know that this is where Truth lies, and this is also where the power of Positive Change lies.

You are Unlimited
in Your Potential.