So many conversations I am having are about how frustrating these times are, and how HELPLESS people feel.

For many decades, I was alone in having any awareness about the depths of depravity that are at the foundations of Society’s problems – and so I empathize with the despair.

If you can get to the point of realizing that you’re not alone in this experience – it’s helpful. Come out of your egoic pain and look around and you will find PLENTY of people who are feeling just the same and trying VERY hard to find some sort of resolution.

Instead of wallowing in despair, be more engaged in what is going on around you; instead of focusing on the past or future – which involve all manners of interpretation – focus on, and take action according to what’s happening at THIS moment. Then you remain engaged and vital and are able to make a difference, and your precious energy is not wasted.

Remember to breathe deeply to calm your mind and your spirit. Take 8 slow, deep breaths, breathing in through your nose and out through your mouth – hold the air in your lungs for a moment. Conscious breathing is a powerful tool in connecting to Now Time!

If you are new to meditating, then to begin – imagine a powerful river flowing across your mind, left to right or right to left, washing away all attachment to thoughts. As you find yourself attaching to a thought, cleanse again with the water. You can even keep the image of moving water as your focus, if that helps. What you don’t want is to enter into a critical thought process, engaging in past or future.

Time Does Not Exist: There is only the NOW

Worry is SUCH a mis-use of energy! Whatever imprint you put out to the Universe – that’s basically an instruction for what you would like to receive! The future is Infinite Possibility, so the Now is all about allowing. The past is over and done with.

Remember that E=MC2 which sort of translates to the fact that we all have unique perspectives on life. How I interpret an experience is always very different from how someone else would interpret an experience, so it’s irrelevant to get into a tizzy about our differences; they are endemic and unavoidable.

Our job is to recognize when we are out-of-resonance, and seek out the environments where we are in resonance. We do this by being in Now-Time Focused Presence and as we master this skill, life does become easier.

When Morpheus is teaching Neo how to walk in the context of the Matrix, he is calm, assured, and commands the sidewalk; all of the avatars walk around him. But Neo is dodging the avatars; he is not in command of the sidewalk. This is the difference between being in Now-Time Focused Presence, or not. And – when Morpheus says, “Open Your Mind, Neo” he is referring to the power of Now-Time Focused Presence, which activates us in the Universal Field of Energy.