I’ve recently come to realize and accept that I’m the Visionary Heir of what I consider to be the positive aspects of my recent genetic line, and like the most perfect blessing, this realization has illuminated my way forward. One grandfather came from a long line of surgeons and advocated “heal thyself” to his patients; the other invented an electric car in the 1950s (I share his birthday). One grandmother was a tornado of civic vision and action, the other is my namesake. My mother introduced us to a broad spectrum of experiences and my father was an orthopedic surgeon, trumpet player and jazz aficionado.

So it is not possible for me to be anything less than a force of nature myself. It has taken me so so so long to be able to even recognize my power, much less harness it, but I have achieved that level. The Chi/Prana/Orgone/Ether around me is beginning to vortex in resonance with my spirit and I have come to the realization that ultimately, it does not matter AT ALL about the external stuff, the material stuff. There is one thing that matters:


The ultimate goal of life is that all energy manifests through Divine connection, and that can only be accomplished through Purity of Spirit. No matter how you get there, get there you must either this lifetime, or another. The real pressure right now is that we’re in the transition between Great Years (26,000 year cycles) and if your soul hasn’t achieved a modicum of that purity, you are being thrown back into the sea, so to speak, for another 26,000 years for another chance to get it right.

Some people find Divine Connection through religion, others through nature, others hallucinogens, creativity, prayer/meditation etc etc etc. We must re-learn to activate our energy from the Heart, and to do this we must heal our traumas and rise out of the lower frequencies which are represented by the 7 Deadly Sins (Lust, Gluttony, Greed, Sloth, Wrath, Envy, Pride).

I am seeing that the Hermetic Principles will become a strong foundation of our Quantum Society as we transition to a sovereign, Constitutional world. One of these Hermetic skills is to achieve Balance in life, and not be swayed by the highs and lows like a sapling in the wind; instead stand tall and strong as the winds of life blow around us. I believe this might be the most important Principle for early adoption and I will be discussing it and other Quantum Principles in my 2022 courses at jAquaire.com.

Every one of us has a unique purpose in life. We must find it, and that can only be done through experience – which requires trying and failing; achieving success, making mistakes etc. Life is a challenge, it is made of the positive and negative poles of Duality and once we accept the Duality and begin to plant ourselves firmly like a centurion Oak, that is when the good stuff happens. That is when we truly begin our journey to Purity of Spirit, like a graduation.

Get to the Point of Accepting Duality,
and then work to ascend beyond it
into Unity Consciousness