From the Ashes of the Old, the Phoenix shall Rise.

We are certainly living in a time of fire and brimstone. And it could be said that there are those among us who might wish to facilitate Armageddon for their own reasons. From certain perspectives, it does look as though we have reached the End of the Familiar.

But if you shift the perspective just a bit and include a lens of gratitude, humility and hope – then the vision morphs into something quite remarkable.

Shifting at the quantum level is somewhat like scrolling through a radio dial. There are different choices at different frequencies. Earth is shifting her frequency to a higher bandwidth and whatever is tied to the material – the World of Things – will not make the shift with her, for this new age is about the purity of Love and connection to the Divine. It is about Unity Consciousness. It is about accessing life at the quantum level.

At the lower end of the 3rd dimensional spectrum are the 7 vices – slower frequencies of anger, lust, jealousy, sloth etc. At the upper end of the 3rd dimensional spectrum is joy, bliss & divine love. The 4th and 5th dimensions exist beyond the frequencies we have access to in this dimension – and so, they will only be accessible to us once Earth has shifted into the higher dimensions.

This time of planetary alignment and eclipse is a precious opportunity to step into the higher version of ourselves… but we must be exceptionally atuned to our voice, our integrity, our message. It’s like walking the tightrope of truth. Be impeccable. And be in union with the Divine.