From my current perspective I connect my early experiences to the trauma web that blankets the Earth in 3D dysfunction. In polite society, we’re not supposed to talk of such things; but to not talk of abuse enables the perpetuation of it. I wonder how many of my classmates were also being sexually, physically or emotionally abused and I had no idea.

Trauma “will out” one way or another; it must be dealt with, resolved & released, and that space must be filled with what it SHOULD HAVE ALWAYS been filled with: your dreams, goals and self expression. Your highest self. Divine Grace.

We perpetuate our experience
until we resolve trauma

The trauma mindset allows for crime, pain, abuse, ill health and so much more. I truly believe we can overcome it, and there are many excellent healers out there (ie, Thomas Hubl) who are working with the most beautiful energies to make this happen on a personal, community, global and inter-generational level.

On a personal level, this is the structure for overcoming trauma. A person must:

1 – acknowledge the abuse

2 – admit they are acting out of that abuse

3 – work to resolve the trauma

4 – correct or “re-set” their actions so that they are no longer acting out

5 – forgive their abuser

6 – forgive their self

Once this is accomplished, that person can then get on to the great work of their life, and go out and assist others in rising out of the Shame & Chaos.

Truth is, life is SO MUCH SIMPLER and more magical when one has elevated out of trauma.

Ultimately: Trauma is a construct. When you can get to the point of KNOWING this, it is much easier to Elevate. Trauma is one of the traps set up to prevent you / we / us from becoming the Divine Beings we ARE.

I wish for the world to be filled with love, empathy, self-confidence, emotional maturity, generosity, abundance, pure health – which is the natural order, once the trauma is removed. It’s called Divine Grace, and it is there for all who emerge from under the False Shadow of Shame.