In 2012, I self-published an e-book course called
The Art of Personal Transformation
a roadmap of how to recognize patterns that cause distress in life, and to change them in order to take responsibility for one’s quality of life.

Recently, my research into holistic, high-vibration living reiterates the point that I make in the book, that positive change is about recognizing and changing patterns that do not serve the highest good.

I have been witnessing over and over again how ingrained it is in our culture to avoid change at all costs! People are scared to death of change, because they have been conditioned that stasis is SAFE. But that is an untruth. Change is a fact of life, NOTHING that stays the same. And when we try to avoid change, life can be very difficult.

It took about 4 decades to learn what I needed to learn in order to create the process put forth in The Art of Personal Transformation. Just getting to the point of recognizing the inevitability of change took about 75% of that time. Then, going from resentful to accepting of that change, took another 20% of that time, and for about 5% of this time I have begun to realize that the oftentimes-difficult lessons learned during dramatic periods of change are actually the jewels that we seek! Every challenge, every mistake, every wrong turn is in fact a vital lesson, giving us exactly the information we need to get to the next level in our lives. Once we arrive at this point of comprehension, there is absolute gratitude for the entire process of CHANGE.

As we do the work to unpeel the layers of muck that we acquire during life, we achieve higher levels level of clarity concerning who we are and what our purpose is. The more clear we are, the more we attract the people into our lives who helps us get to the next level in our own lives.

There is a gravity or magnetism to the embracing of change
that speeds up once a person has reached a certain level of clarity,
the action of which fundamentally elevates one’s personal frequency.

I will update The Art of Personal Transformation this month and offer it on the website as a part of my own transformation into “quantumpreneur” – creating products and services that help others take responsibility for their mental, spiritual & physical health.

Hoping your 2020 is full of magic!