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CBDC = Annihilation

For several decades, I have been spending all of my time and energy trying to make sense of what’s happening in our world and I have come to the ominous conclusion that Americans have chosen slavery and annihilation, as evidenced by the fact that we are allowing the most anti-human industry on Earth to implement […]

Across the Rubicon (FINALLY!)

As far as I’m concerned, as of Trump’s nationally-televised speech (I haven’t heard anyone else comment on the immense significance of this fact; up until this point, he was relegated to the alt media that rose to prominence due to the fascist fact-checking, censoring Ministry of Truth) humanity has FINALLY declared war on the Globalists. […]



I was compelled to write about 11:11 before 11/11. As it turns out, I was prevented from posting the past few days due to technical glitches… so from my perspective, that was the perfect example of a Divine Communication, otherwise known as Download, that I correctly acted upon. 1111 was indeed very transformative, after the […]