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Gratitude is the Portal

Gratitude is the Portal

Knowledge of the Quantum universe is erupting from all directions. Humanity is quickly waking up to the understanding that what we perceive as the material world is merely a façade, intentionally limiting our experience. Once this realization has been absorbed, life is never the same…. In the most extraordinary and unimaginable ways! Unfortunately, even upon […]

On the Equality of Women

When my grandmother was a little girl, women around the world united to demand the right to vote, and despite the antipathy of the patriarchy, won it. When I was a little girl, my mother – a recent divorcee in a society that shunned divorced women – marched and shouted for the Equal Rights Amendment, […]

Being Quantum

A new reality is emerging. I know it because I meet people who are engaged in it; it exists outside my mind. In fact, after the life-altering experience of  recognizing Quantum energy, life becomes so charged with possibility and divine providence that it becomes difficult to engage with people who have not yet discovered the […]