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Blog: Misadventures on the Path to Consciousness

Plandemic of Insanity

albany2 RFK

There is now extreme clarity regarding two vital aspects of this global genocidal attempt masked as a pandemic. You will not receive this clarity through your te-lie-vision, because the purpose of television is to tell lies to your vision. This clarity is only earned through personal research on non-censored media and search platforms in alignment […]

Love Must Win

This morning I started madly writing in an attempt to make sense of all the unprocessed info floating around my brain. I wrote for hours, and then I recorded myself reading those words. First time in a long time, I recorded myself playing my horn and finally I distilled it all down to the most […]

On Generosity

There is no greater trait that reveals the Divine nature of a person than Generosity, for it reveals if a person is self-centered, or other-centered. If a person exhibits Generosity as a way of life, they have plugged into the Universal Matrix of which Generosity is the quintessential currency. They are fully aware that to […]

Harnessing Divine Creativity

In the science world, it is often stated that the most important manifestations of Genius are realized before the age of 30. I would agree that the competitive wonder-drive of collegiate & doctoral minds should not be underestimated; but for any monumental discovery by a 20-something, I would counter with one of equal value from […]

Rising Out of Shame & Chaos

From my current perspective I connect my early experiences to the trauma web that blankets the Earth in 3D dysfunction. In polite society, we’re not supposed to talk of such things; but to not talk of abuse enables the perpetuation of it. I wonder how many of my classmates were also being sexually, physically or […]

The Shift

How do you recognize that the shift has happened? Is there one event, a series of events, or is it the culmination of rising energies around the world? Paris, the 11th Saturday of the population rising up – joyfully & in unity – against the extreme fascism of its Deep State government. The French are […]